The Disastrous PC Version of Assassin’s Creed III

assassins creed 3 The Disastrous PC Version of Assassins Creed III

I finally got the chance to play the PC version of Assassins Creed 3 and I was fairly excited for a number of reasons: Ubisoft claimed that it would actually make an effort when porting it to the platform, several of my friends told me how superior it is the console and being the snobby/elitist PC gamer that I am I was positively thrilled to try it out. Despite the ending being yet another catastrophe on the level of ME3.

Upon starting the game up I was treated to a lovely recreation of 18 century, Great Britain. The graphics looked vastly superior the consoles, the animations were better than ever before and despite it initially being quite slow I was excited to finally see just how Ubisoft pulled off colonial America in the game. Too bad that upon reaching Boston I was treated to the worst frame rate I have ever seen in my life.

The game ran perfectly fine for the first two hours but the moment I reached Boston it just all went completely to hell. I did what any normal person would do and I fiddled around with the severely limited graphical options and various resolutions in hopes of fixing the frame rate to no avail. I closed the game and fought the urge to smash my monitor into pieces and decided to hit the various game forums to see just what the problem was.

Assassins+Creed+III+pc+Screenshot The Disastrous PC Version of Assassins Creed III

It was then that I discovered that this was a universal problem with the game as it is very badly optimized. My PC is not really that powerful but I can run most games on fairly high settings with a frame rate between 50-60 and I was shocked to see rigs that could tear mine a new one still get frame rates down in the 20s or even single digits which is insane.

Then I did some more research and many people said that by turning v-sync off in the config file you can dramatically improve the frame rate. So after a few minutes of fucking around in the bloody file I finally put it from 1 to 0 and booted the game up. To my shock it actually ran better! So now instead of running at 10 frames a second it ran on 12!!! Going back to the forums and fucking around with the config file some more I discovered that my only hope was to buy a 100 000 dollar PC that MIGHT run this game well.

So thank you Ubisoft, thank you for giving us the worst PC version of any game you have ever published. You can debate with me weather or not the DRM is worse than this issue, but with the DRM you could at least play the game, here it is completely unplayable. Coupled with the fact that the first few hours are boring as piss and you pretty much have a horrible first impression and from what I hear the frame rate never improves and remains consistently terrible throughout the entire 30+ hour experience.

Why did I believe Ubisoft this time you may ask? Because the PC version of Far Cry 3 was amazing! That’s why I actually fooled myself into believing that these guys might actually stop treating us all like goddamn criminals and deliver an AC game 100% bullshit free. Instead what we got was quite possibly the worst port they have ever done, a fact that particularly stings after all the promises and the fact that Far Cry 3 was amazing on PC.

assassins creed 3 8 The Disastrous PC Version of Assassins Creed III

It is an unmitigated disaster, one that is particularly painful to me after playing games like Dead Space 3 and the new DMC. Both were ports but both of them gave you enough graphical and PC centric options in which you could fine tune the controls and graphics to your liking. AC3 has 4 graphical options in total with the resolution and upon inspecting the MP Config I found out that multiplayer actually has more graphical options than the campaign!

This leads me to think a couple of things. 1) developers/publishers officially do not give a flying fuck about single player anymore because it takes actual skill to make and not just a rehash of CoD and BF. 2) 90% of Ubisofts employees that worked on the game are complete, incompetent idiots who can’t program a simple, functional port to save their own asses.

Honestly you have a bigger shot of surviving a billion attacks at point blank range from world breaker Hulk (you know the most powerfull version of Hulk that nearly sank half the eastern sea board just be stepping on the ground?) than making this waste of 50 dollars work properly without spending your entire life savings just to upgrade your rig.

What are we to do about this situation? Well if this was a perfect world the bastards responsible for the porting job would have already been beheaded and their ugly mugs would be decorating my wall at this very moment. In conclusion the PC version of AC3 is a god awful, miserable port with all the DRM and Uplay you’ve come to love and quite possibly the worst frame rate in a modern day action title.

So were you another poor, gullible fool who got fooled by Ubisoft into buying this monstrosity? If you are sound off in the comments below and let your rage be heard. Oh and Il be right back, need to go kill my so called friends for tricking me into buying this crap.

pixel The Disastrous PC Version of Assassins Creed III

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