Disney Characters Arrested Outside of Disneyland

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The route that I usually take from home to work passes through the south side of Disneyland.  Well yesterday, I was getting out of work and was headed home.  On my way I saw people protesting outside of Disneyland. 

The protesters were holding up signs saying “Disney is Unfaithful” and “Mickey: Shame on You.”  Yes, I have to admit, I was put off by these protesters because I had plans on going to Disneyland this weekend.

Nothing says “the Happiest Place on Earth” like having your favorite Disney characters being arrested by cops.

Apparently, during the protest, around 30 protesters were arrested, including Peter Pan, Snow White, Cinderella, Tinkerbell and many who dressed up as other famous Disney characters.

The workers involved are from the Disney hotels surrounding the Disneyland resort including the Grand Californinan.  What they were fighting for were rights for their health care because Disney wanted to take it away or make it harder for the workers to get them among other things like taking away hours and seniority.

Now my dilemma is now that I know this information about Disneyland, do I fight for the workers and not go to Disneyland, or do I just say fuck it and have fun this weekend at Disneyland?

Well I’m going to go of course, but expect a very sad fan riding Space Mountain and Splash Mountain.

Sources: msn.com and John Spartan looking out his car window.

pixel Disney Characters Arrested Outside of Disneyland

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