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Django Unchained is overhyped.  It was good but nothing groundbreaking.  Part of it comes from a sensitive director named Spike Lee.  He complained that the movie didn’t need to have so many “n” words and it made African Americans look bad.  He said this before even watching the movie.  Then a small minority of the black community followed suit and started complaining the movie is racist.

They found out toy company, NECA, was making 9′ Django figures and complained.  NECA decided to stop producing the figures, which meant the small amount released to comic book and collectible shops are now worth a lot.  A 5 figure set on eBay was at least going for $2,000.  Retail price was around $35 per figure.  I saw them at my comic shop when it was first released.  I never thought it was controversial.  More than anything, I found it funny they made a figure of Jamie Foxx.  Oh yeah the box of the figure also states for “17 & over.”

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Anyways, eBay heard about the  controversy and recently removed all of the Django Unchained listings from the site.

This fiasco is pretty ridiculous.  It’ll just increase the value of the figures, gave exposure to the company NECA.  They’re a pretty cool company so I have no problem with that.  I guess in the end, it’s the collectors that lose.  But looking at the figs, it wouldn’t have been a hot seller if it wasn’t for the controversy.  They look amusing but not $35 cool.

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