Don’t Blame Raimi for Spidey 3 Hatred

spiderman3 emotobey Don’t Blame Raimi for Spidey 3 Hatred

I’m actually one of the few that enjoyed Spider-Man 3. I enjoyed emo Parker dancing, jumping and jiving. Many say it’s cheesy, but that’s the reason why I loved it.

Let’s not forget we had many cheesy moments in Spider-Man 1 and 2 also. Remember the scene in part 1 where Parker wrestles against Bonesaw? One of the wrestlers was being carried away screaming out in agony, “Oh god my leg. I can’t feel my leg!” Classic cheese moment. How about the scene in part 2 where Peter Parker tries to be normal, walking without his glasses and tripping while “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” is playing in the background. Cheese to the max! Maybe it doesn’t belong in a Spider-Man movie, but I think it’s perfect in a Sam Raimi movie.

Empire asked Sam some questions in their May issue and he wasn’t hesitant to talk about why Spider-Man 3 had some problems.

“They really gave me a tremendous amount of control on the first two films, actually. But then there were different opinions on the third film and I didn’t really have creative control, so to speak.”

Even before the movie came out, we heard about how Avi Arad and the studios egged Sam on to add Venom in the story late in the game. Sam mentioned before how he wasn’t a big fan of Venom, and that he would rather just use classic villains.

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“I don’t even want to comment on Venom, because I know he’s a great character and all the fans love him. I never want to say anything bad about a much-beloved character because usually it turns out that I’m the one that doesn’t understand what makes it great.”

I’m actually happy that Raimi isn’t afraid to talk about this. He’s always vocal about how he feels and sometimes it can bite him in the ass. I’m glad to see that Raimi is going to be in complete control again.

“The best way for me to move forward on films, I realize…and this was a lesson I had to learn for myself…is that I’ve gotta be the singular voice that makes the creative choices on the film.”

Here’s hoping that part 4 will win the hearts of fans everywhere.

pixel Don’t Blame Raimi for Spidey 3 Hatred

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