Dredd Bombs!!! Cinema in NA Dying?

Dredd poster outdoor billboard Dredd Bombs!!! Cinema in NA Dying?

Yet another sad day for people (AKA me) who enjoyed Dredd, the film made only 2.2 million in its opening day worldwide and is expected to gross only 5.7 million during in NA. I had to triple check this news due to my utter disbelief, im still puzzled by this as Dredd has gotten nearly unanimous critical acclaim and it was in 3-d but it looks like that didn’t help much.

Many people say that the film had a limited audience due to its R rating, but that simply isn’t true since Kick Ass was also R rated and it earned its budget back and then some, a sequel is coming out next year.

The only people to blame are at the studio itself, Lionsgate, who did a terrible job promoting the film, it makes me wonder why did they even bother making it if they weren’t going to even attempt to market it to a broader audience. But I guess with Hunger Games sequels on the way I doubt Dredd flopping will phase them at all.

The film did better in the UK, becoming the highest rated R film since 2010s Saw 3D, but that did little to help the over all gross, the film has currently made a little over 6 million, with a budget of 45 million, for the movie to become a success it needed to earn at least 90 million since a studio gets only half a movies box office haul.

Now the chances for a sequel are pretty much dead, the director Pete Travis stated that for a sequel to be made, Dredd had to make at least 50 million in NA alone, that isn’t gonna happen. This along with 2010sScott Pilgrim vs the World will forever be the most undeserved flops of movie history…..

This leads to my little rant about the box office in NA, during this entire year a recurring thing ive been hearing is that movies are making more and more money internationally than in NA, a prime example of this is Avengers.

The film opened in North America May 4th, while it officially premiered on April 11th! Then the movie made 600 million in North America with almost 900 million world wide! This also happened to many other films during the summer and it seems like its going to expand beyond it judging my Dredd’s numbers.

The Dark Knight Rises had a more balanced box office as it made 441 million in NA, with around 600 million in other territories, that’s surprising given the Colorado shootings but there’s still a 100 million gap.

Many in Hollywood blame the poor economy for this lack of move going, that simply isn’t historically true. During the great depression, people went to the movies like crazy, movies are an escapist medium much like other forms of entertainment, they are a place where you can forget about your problems and just sit back for a couple of hours and see a fictional world unfold before your eyes.

Weather it be a group of superheroes trying to stop a norse god and aliens, a teenager with spider powersfighting a giant lizard or a man dressed as a bat trying to find purpose in his life while saving his city from a nuclear bomb, movies give us these fictional worlds that we can escape to, that’s what draws us to them.

The real reason why fewer people are going to movie is the lack of quality, there are maybe 5 or 6 movies a year that are going to be good from the get go, with everything else ranging from either master piece to POS.

Im a skeptical movie goer, even if I knew Batman, Spider-Man and Avengers were all going to be good deep down, I was still skeptical due to one being a 3rd movie in a trilogy, a reboot and a big superhero team up movie, they all blew me away and I enjoyed them all immensely.

Then there are movies like the Expendables 2 and Dredd, movies I mentally prepared myself to be garbage that still impressed me and give me a damn fun time watching them.

And then the last type of movie is Prometheus, a movie praised all over the internet but one I absolutely hated, a boring sci-fi movie filled to with so many plot holes it would make your head spin, it was a failure in my opinion and my pick for worst movie of this year by far!

So whats the cause of this lack of good movies? I think its either, studios green lighting a movie before the script is even finished which lead to disasters like X-Men Origins Wolverine and Men in Black 3, the latter was a good movie but the budget got way to high simply due to the script being constantly reworked.

The other problem is hiring bad script writers, this is the prime issue with Prometheus, Demon Lindelof is a name I dred from this point on (no pun intended), he worked on the non sensical Lost tv show, the terrible Cowboys vs Aliens and then on Prometheus, needless to say if I see this guys name on a movie or anything for that matter. Im 99.9% sure it’ll suck.

Another guy who’s name you should shutter at the mention of is Akiva Goldsman, he did Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, nuff said…

So that’s pretty much my little rant/article on the status of movies, the box office and the industry as a whole. What do you guys think? Did I raise some good points or have I missed the point completely? Be sure to share your thoughts down below.

pixel Dredd Bombs!!! Cinema in NA Dying?

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