DVD Review: Alien Autopsy

autopsy1 DVD Review: Alien Autopsy

Remember in the 90s when FOX aired a show claiming what could be a real Alien autopsy? I do, I remember clearly the buzz behind the footage. They even interviewed “experts” in the medical field, as well as Hollywood’s top special-effects guru such as Stan Winston.

This DVD isn’t necessarily about the actual autopsy, but about how it came into fruition, what lead to the footage and why. Two friends partnered up to market what they’ve claimed to be a real alien autopsy. They end up meeting weird characters along the way, which kept me from turning off my DVD player.

The Movie – The movie  has potential, and it’s somewhat funny. Most of the characters are likable and well-casted, except for the main guy played by Declan Donnelly. This guy must be one of the most annoying characters I’ve seen in awhile. I never found myself rooting for him. He is shady, manipulative, a pushover, and a con-artist. I dare you to see this film and root for him. The story itself drags a little bit too long. This should have been a fast-paced funny film. Instead, it drags a little longer than it should for no good reason.
Movie Grade : D+

Video Quality – It’s quite good for a DVD. Although not very sharp, it looks clean, and the dark scenes holds up its visibility. The picture doesn’t break apart, and the colors are nicely controlled.
Video Quality: A-

autopsy2 DVD Review: Alien Autopsy

Audio Quality – It’s good for what it’s worth, nothing that will get anybody excited, but it does the job. This kind of movies doesn’t necessarily require crazy surround sound, it’s a comedy.
Audio Quality: B-

Extras – Extras include:

The Making of Ant and Dec’s Alien Autopsy
Additional scenes
Commentary by director Jonny Campbell
Alternate opening

Extras: B

Overall – What could have been a good film, ruined by the Ray character, he is unbearable. I don’t know if it’s the acting by Declan Donnelly, or the characteristic of the real Ray that seals the deal. But, the story is interesting, and it’s labeled as a “true story.” How much of it is true? Probably less than 1% since the fella that sold the story is the shady liar in Ray. So, I’m not buying the “true story” angle. I did enjoy the weird characters in the film, and the process in which they made the Alien Autopsy footage is somewhat intriguing. I would not recommend this DVD, unless you’re a Ray fan, and believe in everything he says.
Overall: D+

pixel DVD Review: Alien Autopsy

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