DVD Review: Batman – The Brave And The Bold Season 2 Part 1

batman11 DVD Review: Batman   The Brave And The Bold Season 2 Part 1

I always visualize Batman as a creature of the night and being a loner.  In the animated show, Batman: The Brave And The Bold, it’s the exact opposite.  He teams up with mostly B and C-list superheroes to defeat the bad guys.  The Caped Crusader also likes to run around during the daytime beating up enemies like Rha’s Al Ghul, Mongol and of course, the Joker.  It reminded me of the original 60’s Batman show with Adam West.  The stories are a bit too simple for my taste but I like the interactions with the characters.  While most of the stories are for kids, there’s one great episode on this set.  The title is called “Chill Of The Night” and it deals with the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents.  The way the tragedy is handled is better than in “Batman Begins” but it’s because they have a whole episode to focus on the biggest ordeal of Bruce’s life.

The set comes with 12 episodes and divided into 2 discs.  Overall, the intro skit for each episode is my favorite.  It deals with Batman stopping bad guys with the help of a superhero friend.  It’s about 1 – 2 minutes long and it always has a punch line at the end of it.

Kids will enjoy this show for sure but I’m not sure about adults.  It’s a fun little show but having a bright and cheerful Batman might not please all the fans.

Grade: B

The show is presented in anamorphic 1.85 widescreen.  The video is clear and the bright colors really standout.  It’s not in high-def so it’s not the clearest animated show I’ve seen but it’s good enough for enjoyment.
Grade: B+

The track is in Dolby Stereo 2.0.  Nothing impressive but nothing bad either.  Dialogue is clear and the battle scenes have a good oomph to it.
Grade: B

Special Features

Batman: The Brave And The Bold will not appeal to everybody.  It’s different from the usual Batman we’re used to seeing.  He’s happy and friendly but there are still attributes that make him Batman including his detective skills and honor.  If you’re a big Batman fan, it’s worth checking out.
Overall Grade: B (not an average)

pixel DVD Review: Batman   The Brave And The Bold Season 2 Part 1

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