DVD Review: Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tales

charlie brown DVD Review: Charlie Browns Christmas Tales

I thought this was Charlie Brown’s Christmas but what I got was 18 not so entertaining minutes of the Peanuts gang in 5 short stories.  The Christmas themed stories range from Snoopy and Lucy ice skating to Linus writing a letter to Santa.  The short stories first aired in 2002 to fill an hour slot that included the original Charlie Brown’s Christmas and it shows.  None of the stories are memorable, stories are generic and predictable.  There’s no warmth and wit to it.  Kids might enjoy it but  I reccomend watching the original show.

Grade:  C-

The show is presented in its original full-screen.  The colors are good and the picture is clean.  It gets the job done but it’s not overly impressive either.
Grade: B

The sound is in Dolby Digital Mono.  Again, it’s good enough for a tv show.  You don’t expect these kid shows to be in full blast.
Grade: B

Is This Goodbye, Charlie Brown? – A 1983 cartoon.  I enjoyed this much more than the actual content.  Maybe because it was created to entertain the kids instead of just being a filler.
Grade: B

This would have been a nice DVD if it included the original Christmas show but selling a filler as a stand alone disc is just crazy.  The video and audio is more than enough for a tv show but when the content is uninspired, there’s no point in buying it.  Skip this one, rental at best.
Overall Grade: C- (not an average)

pixel DVD Review: Charlie Browns Christmas Tales

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