DVD Review: Chuck Norris – Karate Kommandos

chuck norris DVD Review:  Chuck Norris   Karate Kommandos

Chuck Norris had a cartoon show in 1986 that was short lived.  The series only lasted 5 episodes but it has been released on DVD.  The show had Chuck Norris team up with several martial arts characters as they fight an evil organization, led by Klaw.  It’s not really explained why Klaw is the bad guy, he just is.  They always try to get a super weapon and Chuck Norris and his crew try to stop them. 

To enjoy this show, you can’t take it seriously.  Watch it when you’re with friends so you guys can laugh at the bad guys always missing with their lasers, or the dolphins that picks on the villains.  There’s not much depth behind the show but it’s good 80’s nostalgia.  Chuck Norris opens and ends the show with a live action “morale” message.  I still have toys from this series and just like other cartoon show in that decade, it was meant to sell merchandise. 

The show is really cheesy and the animation could be better. 
Grade: C+

I’m surprised the video is pretty damn pristine for such an old show.  You can see Chuck Norris orange hair and mustache in all its glory.  There’s some dust and jaggies but not bad for a show that’s 25 years old.
Grade: B+

No surprise here, the track is presented in mono.  Again, I can’t complain on the quality because it gets its job done.  It’s not like this is a high budget movie that needs a DTS track.
Grade: B

Absolutely NOTHING
Grade: F

Unless you can get the set for less than $10, I’d reccomend renting this Chuck Norris lovefest because there’s only 5 episodes.
Grade: C+ 

pixel DVD Review:  Chuck Norris   Karate Kommandos

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