DVD Review: Dark Country

Dark Country DVD Review: Dark Country

Thomas Jane has certainly proved himself to be a capable actor in a number of genre favorites, including The Punisher and The Mist, but he also makes some extremely awful movies like Mutant Chronicles, which are damn near unwatchable. Dark Country is a movie you can add to his list of bad ones, except Dark Country might be his worst movie yet. Jane makes his directorial debut with this cheesy, grim, and lifeless slice of wannabe film noir that has some of the worst digital effects ever put on film. The decision made to shoot so many CGI shots on green screen proves to be a disaster, the shots are distracting and pitiful, and they don’t enhance the already weak storytelling in the least.

Dark Country is about two honeymooners who rescue a mysterious car crash survivor who is injured badly along the dark and desolate roads of the Las Vegas desert at night. After a fateful decision, the couple is on the run from the cops, and maybe themselves. A last minute (and quite moronic) Twilight Zone style twist does nothing for Dark Country either. The DVD has a couple of good extras including a commentary where actor/director Tom Jane is very forthright about the movie not living up to his vision. He’s often (and rightfully so) critical of the terrible CGI effects. The commentary is honest and interesting, unlike the movie itself. The DVD also includes a short featurette.

Dark Country is a terrible movie with dreadful effects. Not even Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy) can do much to save the flick. It doesn’t help that he shows up after more than an hour of it is already over. Dark Country is a long 88 minute ride to nowhere, and easily one of the worst movies of the year.

Grade: D-

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