DVD Review: Exorcist Extended Director’s Cut

exorcist 1024x1024 DVD Review: Exorcist Extended Directors Cut

I know that most “Extended Director’s Cut” gimmicks offer nothing more than confusing us into which version is which? But, let me assure you that this new release (Oct. 5, 2010) is the real deal. It’s not just another way for WB to milk us with multiple releases. This version really has a lot to offer.

The Exorcist is one of the scariest films of all time. I was hesitant to watch this alone. The movie starts off with a frail old priest finding an artifact that gave him a really bad feeling. He was right. Later on, a 12-year-old girl, Regan, starts showing some unfamiliar characteristics that worries her mother. We all know what happens next, as the demon takes over her body, and starts doing crazy things to it. And, the creepy old-man’s voice, I don’t even want to think about that!

Video – The new DVD transfer is crisp and clean. The blacks are perfect, and the grains are wonderful. As an amateur photographer, I’ve always preferred grains in some of my pictures, as it adds emotion to the story. This is the case in Exorcist. Although, I can see that some might complain, they shouldn’t because the grains are there for a reason.
Video: A+

exorcist2 DVD Review: Exorcist Extended Directors Cut
A face that only a mother could love.

Audio – The audio does its job well, it will make you jump out of your seat if you have an entertainment system setup. The thuds are strong, and the dialogues are very clean. The background noise is tight, so it doesn’t come off as a distraction.
Audio: A

Extras – The only one worth noting is the commentary by William Friedkin (director). The rest are:

– Theatrical Trailers
– TV & Radio Spots
Extras: C

ExorcistTease DVD Review: Exorcist Extended Directors Cut

Overall – For a good Halloween scare, every Horror fans should see this version. It’s 12 minutes longer than the original, and the extra scenes add weight to the story, except for the spider-walk, which was more humorous than anything.  It’s a catalog title so this is  a good movie for people on the budget, Amazon has it for less than $15. Overall, this is a great version that lives up to the reputation of the film.

Overall: A (highly recommended)

pixel DVD Review: Exorcist Extended Directors Cut

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