DVD Review: Human Planet

humanplanet DVD Review: Human Planet

Human Planet is a great mini-series that focuses on …… us. BBC has done something similar before called Planet Earth. While Planet Earth focuses more on the nature end of things such as Forests, Landscapes, and Animals, Planet Earth emphasizes on humans and our relationships with our environment. For instance, the first episode shows Whale Hunting. While some people might disagree on Whale Hunting altogether, the show focuses on why certain tribes or people have to hunt whales. They depend on it for food, more than profiteering. One can easily sit back and judge when there’s a supermarket down the road to buy packaged products. The show helps open different perspective on things without dictating whether it’s right or wrong. It’s still up to the viewers to decide, and this is where this show shines.

The show is visually stunning, with fresh images of exotic areas. While the depth of Human Planet is less than the previous Planet Earth, it still holds merit. Planet Earth is more about showing, informing, and telling, while Human Planet is less on informing. Don’t let that discourage you from buying the DVD set. It is a minor complaint.

human planet2 DVD Review: Human Planet

John Hurt as a commentator adds value to the show. One would not expect him to be so great at narrating, but he pulls it off just fine. Also, another plus for the series is that there are no annoying translators talking over the people. Instead, they made use of the subtitles effectively and creatively.

The quality of the DVD is great (for a DVD), but even better on Bluray. If you love your movies in HD, and you are one of those that will complain about every little pixel you see on your 60-inch TV, then make sure to get the Blu-ray. This would be a great DVD to play while you’re throwing a party, or just want to show off your home entertainment system.

Overall, a great mini-series, and a great transfer by WB. There are 9 episodes, and an “extra” included. Don’t miss out on another winner by the BBC crew!

Grade: A

pixel DVD Review: Human Planet

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