DVD Review: Two and a Half Men Season 7

two half men DVD Review: Two and a Half Men Season 7

Two and a Half Men is one of TV’s biggest shows. But, one has to wonder how long the charade will last. Here we are in the 7th Season of the very funny and witty show. The formula doesn’t seem much, we have the womanizing drunk in Charlie, living with his goofy brother Alan, and Alan’s not so bright son. The three characters might seem one-dimensional, but when you mix them together, everybody gets a good laugh.

Season 7 is not much different than the previous seasons. This is good and bad at the same time. Good because the show is still very funny.  But, bad because it feels like the writers are running out of ideas. At times, the episodes can feel like reruns. This is still a very engaging season. The main theme is that Charlie finally finds the “one true love” that he never knew existed. While Alan is out and about still looking for relationships.

Video – The video is crisp and clear, for a DVD. I don’t know why WB didn’t do a Blu-ray release.  But, for a DVD, this is a good transfer. There are occasional edge-enhancements here and there, but nothing to fuss about. The contrast is good. Both the morning and night scenes are clear.
Video: A-

Audio – The audio is surprisingly good, even though it’s transferred in 2.0. But, this is a comedy sitcom, therefore, there is really no use for a lossless type sound. The dialogue is clear, and that’s what is important.
Audio: B

Extras – No major extras here, there’s the infamous Gag Reel, and a very funny, Charlie Harper Ex-Reunion where Charlie’s Ex’s talks smack at our beloved Charlie. Although, very entertaing, one would expect more extras these days, so it’s a bit disappointing.
Extras: C

Overall – Season 7 is an entertaining season, but don’t expect anything new. I recommend this a BUY if you are not tired of the same old formula from the previous seasons. Otherwise, just rent, as this is still a very funny Season.
Overall: B-

pixel DVD Review: Two and a Half Men Season 7

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