DVD Review: Picture Me: A Model’s Diary (Documentary)

Picture Me Poster DVD Review: Picture Me: A Models Diary (Documentary)

It is possible to make an engaging and entertaining documentary about the modeling industry. Unzipped is a good example. It may have been lightweight and superficial, but it made for a zippy 90 minutes and was quite fun. Picture Me: A Model’s Diary is a cheesy look at the modeling industry through the eyes of model Sara Ziff. Filmed by Sara’s boyfriend Ole, Picture Me has nothing interesting or illuminating to say about the world of modeling. There is nothing but a kind of rant against the dark side of the modeling world while Sara cashes huge checks for preening and posing.

Picture Me: A Model’s Diary (a terrible title) charts Sara’s rise to stardom as a fresh-faced model. The one interesting scene in the entire movie is when a model discusses a creepy meeting with a photographer and what she had to do to book the job, but even that feels tired and old. It’s no secret that the world of modeling is filled with drugs, sexual harassment, and creepy old photographers. There’s no depth or insight to anything on screen and watching a very young woman whine and brood about not knowing to do with all her money is enough to send viewers over the edge. Picture Me: A Model’s Diary is a bare-bones DVD (the only extras are trailers) for a vacuous and boring little movie that is quickly forgotten. It’s 82 minutes of dreary and self-involved boredom.


pixel DVD Review: Picture Me: A Models Diary (Documentary)

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