DVD Review: Sons of Anarchy Season One

Sons of Anarchy DVD Review: Sons of Anarchy Season One

Sons of Anarchy is a biker drama from the FX Network. FX has prided itself on being the home of edgy and violent fare like The Shield, which is still its best series. Before The Shield came along, FX was mostly known as a dumping ground for reruns of old Fox series. Sons of Anarchy is the newest drama from FX and its a bonafide hit.

Anarchy is well-acted, compelling, and sometimes even disturbing. Critics seem to be complaining that the series is derivative of other crime sagas, most notably The Sopranos. Sons is not the most original series in the world, but The Sopranos drifted into a void of self-importance long before it faded to black in a most unsatisfying fashion, while Sons still feels vital and alive with conflict and drama.

The Sons of Anarchy are a gang of outlaw bikers who run guns (most of the police force), and the town of Charming. Jax (the brooding Charlie Hunnan) is the club VP, whose father used to run the gang back in the day before his death. He is the heir to the throne. The club is run by a calculating sociopath named Clay (a sneering and perfectly cast Ron Perlman from Hellboy). Jax’s Mom is Gemma (Katey Segal from Married with Children, riveting in the Lady Macbeth role). Complications and mayhem ensue and a struggle for power starts to erode the Sons club, possibly for good.

Sons of Anarchy looks terrific on DVD in its widescreen format and includes a host of interesting extras. There’s a great making of featurettes, deleted scenes, and some really good commentaries with cast and crew members that are worth a listen.

Sons of Anarchy is one of the best new shows on television. It’s gritty, violent, and growing deeper each week. A good mix of actors, solid dialogue, and some interesting character development has made Sons of Anarchy a must-see early in its run. Season two debuts soon on the FX Channel. This set is an easy one to recommend to fans and newcomers alike.

DVD Grade: A-

pixel DVD Review: Sons of Anarchy Season One

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