DVD Review: Terminator Salvation

Terminator DVD Review: Terminator Salvation

Terminator: Salvation is an unwelcome return to the Terminator franchise that got more press for Christian Bale’s nutty on set rant than it did for anything in the movie itself. It’s easy to see why. Terminator is a mediocre action movie with some nice backdrops and a sturdy performance from actor Sam Worthington as a machine who attempts to regain his humanity. He has no idea that he’s not human and his character Marcus wants redemption for his past misdeeds.

Salvation takes place in the aftermath of Judgement Day and the takeover of the machines. The leader of the resistance is John Connor (a boring, one-note performance from Christian Bale) who must fight and save his own father while destroying Skynet’s new plans. Bale broods and screams in his creepy Batman growl. Meanwhile, we meet Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), a loner from the past who challenges John’s authority and the notion of what it means to be human. The crapfest DVD has no extra features except for a digital copy for the PC…….big deal.

Terminator: Salvation is worth a rental but certainly not a purchase. The movie is average at best and only worth seeing if you’re a hardcore fan of the other movies, which were much better than this one. Worthington and a few action scenes are all Salvation has that are worth checking out. The real crime of this movie is there’s so little added to the Terminator mythology that this expensive dud has no reason to exist.

Movie Grade: C

pixel DVD Review: Terminator Salvation

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