DVD Review: The Spectacular Spider-man: The Complete First Season

Spiderman DVD Review: The Spectacular Spider man: The Complete First Season
The Spectacular Spider-Man is an entertaining and light watch for kids and teenagers, but Spidey fans in general will enjoy the series, which currently airs on TheCW4Kids Network. The plots are simple but they never insult the intelligence of the audience and the episodes are mostly self-contained and full of classic Spidey villains. We’re a long way from the dark, brooding angst of Batman and even other incarnations of Spidey. The animation is bright and colorful and the art is stylized and clearly drawn.

The Spectacular Spider-man starts with a catchy opening theme and takes us back really early into the Spider-man mythology. Peter Parker is a nerdy high school student tangling with bullies at school and criminals after school ends. A familiar group of characters surround Peter and villains such as Venom, Electro, Dr Octopus (a personal favorite), and many others show up to menace the high-schooler. The DVD set is attractively-priced and contains all 13 episodes of season one. Sony previously released these episodes on individual DVD volumes and that was frankly a ripoff. Fans who waited will get all the episodes and two nifty if standard behind the scenes featurettes about the making of the series. There’s also a handy “play all episodes” option on the set.

The Spectacular Spider-man: The Complete First Season is a fun and fast-moving animated Spidey series for fans of the comics, and fans of all ages. This is light and kid-friendly, fans of Teen Titans should enjoy it. The previous CG animated series on MTV was pretty fun too, but that suffered from awkward CG animation, which this show does not. This is a good buy and comes highly recommended for comic book fans tired of all the darkness, brooding, and angst of some of the more recent movies.

DVD Grade: B+

pixel DVD Review: The Spectacular Spider man: The Complete First Season

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