EA Games. It’s in the Money.

eagames.thumbnail EA Games. It’s in the Money.

EA just bought BioWare and Pandemic for around $850 million.  Pandemic’s known for Mercenaries and BioWare with Jade Empire, KOTOR, and Mass Effect.  This is bad news for gamers in general.  EA has a reputation of quantity and not quality. 

When they bought the exclusive rights to make NFL games, the genre suffered.  Now you have only one choice to choose form, and that would be Madden.  Reviews for that game was so-so and since there’s no competition, they can make shitty ass games and people would still buy it.

And now they own the intellectual property of the upcoming game Mass Effect, who knows what they might do to my most anticipated game of the holiday season when they release rushed sequels after sequels.

EA has become the Walmart of videogames.  Let’s just hope they don’t buy out Bungie or Ubisoft. 

pixel EA Games. It’s in the Money.

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