EA Gets The Star Wars Game License

choke EA Gets The Star Wars Game License

 A perfect representation of what EA will do to Star Wars games, rejoice!

The end is nigh, as EA, the most hated gaming publisher currently in existence has (regrettably) made a deal with Disney in which they have the exclusive rights to develop and publish Star Wars games in the next few years. EA promises to create tittles that will span all interactive platforms and every genre in gaming. They have already tasked DICE, the developers of Battlefield and Visceral Games, the creators of Dead Space, have already begun development on their own Star Wars games. Nothing is currently known about these projects.

But given EAs track record as of late you can expect plenty of always online bullshit, micro transactions and various other ways EA will try to both ruin their own games and your experience playing those games. While the prospect of a Battlefront 3 on Frosbite 3 is very appealing to me along with a true KOTOR 3 by Bioware. Neither the publisher or the previously mentioned developers have done anything as of late that gives me any faith in them, and I fully expect these games to be complete crap at worst and terribly disappointing at best. Now if you’ll excuse me, im going to go kill myself.



pixel EA Gets The Star Wars Game License

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