EA Micro Transactions Rant

Brace yourselves gamers as EA has once again found another way too fuck up all the series they own, annoy us gamers even more and too make more money off of unsuspecting and/or gullible idiots who will undoubtedly fall for this, I am speaking of course about EAs latest decision to put micron transactions into every one of their future games. For those of you who don’t know, micro transactions are basically in game items that you can purchase with real world money, this has been used for most F2P games as their primary means of making money. Now if EA had announced that all of their future games would be F2P I wouldn’t have a problem with this news, my issue lies in the fact that you will pay 60 dollars (or 70 if EAs price estimates for 8th gen games turns out to be true) and then they’ll be able to make more money off of you by basically letting you cheat in the game. This is massive problem that most micro transaction based games haven’t overcome, its either pointless crap that you don’t need or its pay to win content that just lets you beat everything the game throws at you. Dead Space 3, the first EA title to include these is an obvious example. Not once did I pay a dime for any of the resource packs that let you get all sorts of OP crafting items and because of it I went through about 60% of the game without any viable resource items, and when you factor in that the standard guns are borderline useless if you don’t customize them, then you were effectively screwed unless you paid for the crafting packs. New Dead Space 3 Screenshots Show off the Feeder Enemies EA Micro Transactions Rant However even before Dead Space 3 EA already showed just how ridiculously bad they are at choosing what you can do for free and what you can get for paying with Star Wars the Old Republic MMO. If you were a free player, you couldn’t sprint until you were level 15, you didn’t have a storage space so all your items need to hog your inventory, your XP and Legacy rate would be cut down by 25%, you could only do 5 space and MP missions per week and once you hit level 50, you couldn’t use any of the high ranking gear unless you paid them for the authorization. Those are just a few of the many examples of just how poorly done the micro transaction model is in SWTOR, they take basic necessary features and make you pay for them. A good system would let you get all the game content while offering you maybe a little stronger piece of gear or let you get a slightly faster XP rate. Who the fuck makes you pay 5 bucks to use sprint?! In an MMO where your character is so slow you can watch the both Star Wars trilogies before he finally gets to his/her destination. ss 20110428 002 sith krieger und jedi ritter im zweikampf EA Micro Transactions Rant If you do pay for their micro transaction crap, you essentially become an unbeatable god who pretty much steam roll everyone. The best example of this is Battlefield 3, and no you fanboys cannot deny this cause if you do I will give you the verbal and physical beat down of the millennium, EA destroyed the balance of Battlefield 3 with Premium. BF3 Premium is basically a season pass that gives you access to all the DLC expansion packs early, lets you get hints and tactics straight from DICE, get into double XP weekends and all that good stuff, oh and it gives you exclusive content that makes you an invincible balance breaking god. Many people who I have spoken to will tell you that Premiums exclusive content completely destroyed the balance in multiplayer and now you have a bunch of 6 year olds who got their moms and dads to buy it and now those little kids with no actual skill are kicking the asses of players that actually spent time to get genuinely good at the game. For one final example I will give you is the Unlock Everything DLC again for Battlefield 3, this DLC allows you for the low, low price of 40 dollars unlock all of the weapons, gear and medals in multiplayer. So you paid 60 dollars for the game and spent a lot of time to get genuinely good at it, then EA basically lets the lazy bastards of the world completely annihilate you simply because they paid for some DLC. These two things have made Battlefield 3 MP completely broken but EA doesn’t give a rats ass because they already made the 60 dollars from the purchase, the 40 dollars from the Unlock Everything DLC and another 50 dollars through Premium. Battlefield 3 screenshots Staging Area EA Micro Transactions Rant In total that’s about 150 dollars EA has made by basically letting people cheat in their own game, if this is the future the CEO of EA talked about in his interview with Kotaku then I would rather let the industry crash and burn if were going to let corporate scumbags like you ruin it. As a result of this news I am officially boycotting all EA related products for the foreseeable future, that’s why there hasn’t been a Crysis 3 review and why there wont be a review of any EA game for quite some time, at least not from me as and I cant speak for my fellow colleagues here at Nerdsociety but I think I gave plenty of valid reasons why the company has completely gone down hill and why I simply cannot support them after all the things they’ve done in the last couple of years. On the bright side, most people will pay for these micro transactions and the practice will spread across the industry, in a matter of 10 years you’ll be paying 60 dollars for a level and an additional 10 to access the next one or pay 100 dollars to access the full campaign. This is the future of gaming my friends unless a large number of customers get their heads out of their asses and actually start researching what they’re paying for and realize that practices like these are wrong. Sound off in the comments section below and let me know what you think of the latest EA debacle.

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