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Cult television/film actor Bruce Campbell is a very funny guy.  His new film is all things to all fans.  It’s campy, cheesy as Hell, and a lot of fun.  There’s almost no plot and the film has almost no appeal outside the hardcore Campbell fanbase.  Those fans will eat up My Name is Bruce though.  It’s low-brow fun and has a paltry 85 minute runtime.  Even at that short runtime, the inspiration flags towards the end, but the film is an entertaining ride for his fans.

My Name is Bruce features Bruce Campbell as…..Bruce Campbell.  A hyper-realized and nasty version of himself who lives in a trailer and has obsessed Emo fans who watch and support even his crappiest films.  My Name is Bruce concerns an obsessed fan of his who lives in a small town that is being terrorized by a monster that is the spirit of a long dead Samurai.  Bruce agrees to he;p the Emo fan rid the monster from the town of Gold Lick thinking that its all a film set up by his smarmy agent played by the hilarious Ted Raimi.  Campbell has to defeat the beast, get the girl (the Emo fan’s MILF) and save the town of Gold Lick.  Campbell and a game cast are having a lot of fun here, and that goes a long way to off-setting the non-existent plot and cheap effects and sets.

My Name is Bruce is a low-brow and even low-budget horror comedy that has a limited appeal and scope, but works well for what it is.  Bruce Campbell makes the film worth seeing, playing an obnoxious, smarmy version of himself.  The film is stocked with in-jokes as well.  It’s a good time at the movies, and while some of the jokes fall flat as a pancake, enough of them are funny to make the film worth checking out when it hits DVD.

Film Grade: B-

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