Early Review: Tropic Thunder

tropic Early Review: Tropic Thunder

Before I review the film, check out the trailer so I don’t have to explain the plot.

0 Early Review: Tropic Thunder

Saw an early screening of Tropic Thunder and I have mixed feelings about it. For a movie that should be funny from beginning to end, the movie dragged in some parts. I’m sure they’ll cut some parts out when it comes out in theatres but some of the jungle scenes were uncalled for. Another dud, is the main villain. This role would have worked if they picked the right actor but what we get is an unconvincing kid villain.

Now onto the good parts. There are at least 5 gust busting scenes in the movie. Ranging from Ben Stiller moments(which should have been more) to Robert Downey Jr as an “African American” to the previews in the beginning of the movie. Some people are tired of the Ben Stiller moments but that’s why I’m a big fan of his. Stiller also directed the movie and he pulls no punches with the R rating. There’s a couple of scenes that justify the R rating and no, it’s not just for profanity. I’m glad Stiller chose to go for a hard “R”.

If you’ve seen Zoolander(also directed by Stiller), you know he can get cameos from Hollywood celebrities. This one tops Zoolander in terms of cameos. Special guests range from A-list celebrities to the washed up. Having seen the trailer most people would think Downey Jr. is the funniest character but the one that got the most laugh was an unadvertised role. Read the spoiler below to find out who it is – highlight the blank area.
Tom Cruise is in the movie as dancing, ego-maniac Hollywood executive. Viewers can really tell he had fun with this role and just lets loose. With the acting and his make up, it took me about 5 minutes to recognize it was him. I guess this is his way of making a comeback as likable actor.


I thought the movie would spoof war movies but it was more of a spoof on the Hollywood industry. I loved the Hollywood spoof of the movie: hypocrite agents, attention-whore actors and the power they bring.

I know they shot at least two endings for the movie and both of them were pretty lackluster. Hopefully they’ll do another re-shoot to have a tighter one.

With that said, the comedy outweighs some of the mundane parts of the movie by a wide margin. Hopefully they’ll have a better flow of the movie when it comes out in theatres.

Grade: B+

pixel Early Review: Tropic Thunder

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