I was taking a nap when I suddenly felt the room shake.  At first, I thought I was dreaming but then the building started shaking harder.  I saw my action figures sway back and forth.  This is when I came to my full senses and ran outside with my boxers on.  As I was running passed the living room, I yelled “THERE’S AN EARTHQUAKE!”….like it wasn’t obvious. I was going to go under the the dining room table but I thought I’d save more time by running out of the apartment.  I think I was the first one out of the apartment but I figured my family already came out before I did because I didn’t see them as I was running out. 

People came out from their apartments and I felt a couple of aftershocks afterwards.  I’m used to small earthquakes but this one felt violent and it didn’t stop for 10 seconds or so.  Part of the small price you pay for living in California!

Update 5/19/09 –  Just felt another Earthquake at work in Gardena.  2 of my co workers started running out of the office.


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