Expendables Downloaders Getting Sued

watch the expendables online Expendables Downloaders Getting Sued

File-sharers beware!  Film companies now pay people to go on bit-torrent sites and collect IP address of people sharing and downloading files. In what is being called “the single largest illegal bit-torrent downloading case in US history,” a federal judge has given the go-ahead to subpoena ISP’s to find out the identity of everybody who downloaded Sly Stallone’s Expendables off the internet. Over 23,000 unsuspecting file-sharers are being targeted for downloading the film.  This number will most likely increase as more are discovered.

As in most of these cases, the lawyers will most likely offer the “defendants” a settlement amount which is a lot lower than the $150,000. allowed by the US Copyright office.  Low budget films and porn flicks have found a way to actually make some real money off their endeavors as they have embraced this practice and are attempting to sue over 140,000 users across the US.

[Source:  Wired]



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