Fabok’s Variant Cover For Detective Comics

jason batman01 722x1024 Faboks Variant Cover For Detective Comics

Jason Fabok blogged about his latest variant cover for Detective Comics #9. Here, we have Batman inside the Big House. The scene shows Batman warding off inmates, and his new rivals, The Court Of Owls.

The Owls are very similar to Ninjas. As depicted by Fabok, in the cover, through their acrobatic skills, their costumes, and their swords. The Owls are untamed, they go wherever they please, and worse of all, they are resilient. Here, Batman is overwhelmed, his facial expression says it all. When will they stop? But, there is no quitting in Batman, his posture is still strong as he hooks two bad guys to the face.

The art is very expressive, the tightening perspective creates a sense of suffocation. Batman’s world is closing in on him. The final colored piece looks amazing. Peter Steigerwald’s (colorist) choice of red represents Batman’s feelings of desperation, anger, and frustration.

jason batman03 723x1024 Faboks Variant Cover For Detective Comics

Check out Jason Fabok’s blog for updates on his work.

pixel Faboks Variant Cover For Detective Comics

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