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We’re starting a new feature called Face Off. In Face Off, we’ll have two of our writers explain their points of view why they loved/hated the subject. Today, Mongoose and CCFMDS will be discussing the box office hit “Dark Knight”.Mongoose thinks Dark Knight is overrated and here’s his argument:

5 Reasons Why Dark Knight Is Overrated:

17 Face Off: Dark Knight

There are lots of good things about about The Dark Knight, such as Heath’s acting, the cinematography, some parts of the story, Eric Roberts, and so on. With that said, I also found that there are lots to complain about. So, Here…..We…….Go!

1.Inconsistencies throughout the movie. Some scenes are very believable and realistic while others are comparable to 007 flicks. Reminds me of the animated series’. More of my complaints are elaborated in #4.

2. Why would Harvey Dent want to go after the commissioner’s family. He was actually willing to kill an innocent kid, what a weakling. The Joker tells him fairy tales and he believes it. Why not go after the obvious culprit? Or better yet, why not just get rid of Dent’s alter ego and focus more on the Joker?

3. Commissioner Gordon fakes his own death. The commissioner is a cruel man, he should have been the villain. I could not imagine any good husbands and fathers that would do this to their families. “Guess what honey, i was just playing dead!” I know, I know, they explained why they did it, but it’s still hard to believe. How about moving them somewhere far and far away from the Joker.

4. The action scene on the underpass. Yeah, the whole scene was pretty much very cartoony.-They faked Gordon’s death but got other cops killed. They’re just extras so who cares, right?-Batman blowing things up without even knowing if people were inside the cars was also non-sense.-The helicopter flying in between the buildings. Jeez, could this get any more cartoony. Oh, that wasn’t enough. The Joker’s thugs brought down the chopper by entangling it with a rope-like device attached to hooks. They knew the actual height of the chopper, and which way it would go before it got there. Joker’s thugs must be geniuses.-Batman, on his bike, was able to maneuver himself in and out under the tanker. But, crashed into Gordon’s vehicle, and got KOd, after swerving away from the Joker. Nice driving, Batman!While they were at it, they should have added these scenes into the final cut.

0 Face Off: Dark Knight 5. They showed too much of Batman. Batman lost his mysterious appeal because the film makers decided that they would show more of him under bright lights. The worst part was when he was interrogating the Joker. “Look, it’s a guy in a bat costume.” For crying out loud, Batman goes clubbing. What happened to being stealthy, like a ninja, as was taught to you by Liam Neeson. Maybe after a few drinks at the club, Batman can start getting his swerve on.

Below is CCFMDS’ top 5 reasons why the movie surpassed the hype:

5 Reasons Why Dark Knight Kicked Ass

3 Face Off: Dark Knight

1. Heath Ledger, Heath Ledger, Heath Ledger- Ledger is the most memorable Joker of all time. He makes the overweight Jack (doing Jack….again) look like a clown at a kid’s birthday parent. Ledger’s “agent of chaos” was a true Joker, constantly telling his “origin” and changing it as he goes, laughing and smirking as Batman beat the crap out of him. It’s nice to have a film that FINALLY gets Joker right. The scene with Ledger’s head out of the police car whipping in the wind after he makes his escape from the police station was thrilling.

2. Harvey Dent- Aaron Eckhart was truly a good Harvey Dent, unlike Tommy Lee Prancing Jones. Even though Ledger gets all the buzz, Dent’s story was the emotional arc of the entire film. In the comics, its Boss Maroni who causes Dent’s downfall…..in the movies we assume its The Joker, but we never get the “true” story. In The Killing Joke, The Joker is constantly changing his own origin, and he does something similar in the film.

3. Better action scenes than Begins- The Batpod chase and the fights were not edited to ribbons like in Batman Begins……you could actually tell whats going on. As for the club scene, you couldn’t…….and that is the reason Batman could hide in the club. Strobe lights and techno music blaring…….you can’t even hear yourself think in clubs these days. Batman could be right on top of you, and you wouldn’t hear (or see) him coming.

4. It’s so good people are saying its “not a superhero movie”- Detractors (and morons) are only comparing The Dark Knight to films like Heat instead of other superhero films…….its STILL about a guy in a batsuit beating up a psychotic clown, its a superhero film. It just blows away HULK and Iron Man, so people feel the need to judge it differently and hold it to a higher standard, its that good.

5. Origin story is finished- Batman Begins was so effective and brilliant in its origin of Bruce Wayne becoming Batman that Chris Nolan was able to jump right into The Dark Knight. Freed of the constraints of telling Batman’s origin, Nolan has created a dazzling and real world. The only legit reason why people are comparing it to crime dramas. Has anyone ever done the same with any other superhero film? I think not. Unless people were comparing Iron Man to Goodfellas and I missed something.

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