Facebook Constant Updaters Reveal Personality

facebook Facebook Constant Updaters Reveal Personality

All of us have at least one Facebook friend that has pointless updates every 30 minutes such as:

“I’m bored”

“Going to go out, I’m so excited!”

“Eating lunch right now”

We all know they’re annoying but NYU undergrad, Soraya Mehdizadeh wrote a thesis on it.  She interviewed 100 students and found out the correlation between FB activity and insecurity.  In her research, she claims that that the more activity you have on FB, the lower your self esteem and the higher you score in the Narcissism Personality Inventory.  In other words, these FB users love attention and can’t get enough in real life that  they need to constantly update their profile.

For David Fincher’s, “The Social Network”, a movie about Facebook, his message is this:

“The world has grown colder, more despondent, more apathetic, and more superficial which is a direct reflection of Zuckerberg’s (founder of Facebook) persona.”

While Facebook is great to keep in contact with friends and family, some people overdo it.  Instead of constantly posting an update, how about going out in the real world and interacting with people. 

Below is the trailer for Social Network:

0 Facebook Constant Updaters Reveal Personality
pixel Facebook Constant Updaters Reveal Personality

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