Fairytale Fantasies Calendar Winner Signed By J. Scott Campbell

tinkerbell 2011 preview by j scott campbell d30fqm5 Fairytale Fantasies Calendar Winner Signed By J. Scott Campbell

Thanks for everyone that participated in the contest!  Majority went with Tinkerbell as their favorite princess, while several went with the unconventional and chose Princess Fiona from Shrek.

There were great responses from the contest, one was from Skye:

“My Favorite Fairytale Princess will probably have to be Pocahontas. She was bold and brave and didnt let anyone tell her what to do. she took matters into her own hands to save her people and the man she loved. she fought along side her people, kept them all in her mind when she made any decision and helped even the white men when they needed her. she was the biggest badass princess ever, and elizabeth swan doesnt count cause she wasnt a princess, only some govenors daughter. Pocahontas was a badass princess that cared for the people of the world around her. “

and from Gianna:

“I like Princess Fiona from the Shrek movies because it was non-typical, they made fun of all the happy princess types and it was more the way I would write a fairy tale rather than the traditional style. “

But after everything was said and done, we chose Sinner44 as the winner:

“Tinkerbell. I’ve always found her to be sexy. And when she is portrayed in a naughty fashion it just makes her that much hotter. A cute blonde in a skimpy outfit and she can fly what else does a man need. She’s also possesive in a good way. She’ll get jealous if you’re talking to another girl because she cares for you…well that might not be such a good thing with regular girls but for a fairy, that’s special. She’ll also make you fly with her pixie dust. Then I can have my favorite power, flying! Then we can become superheroes after I work out for a year and wear my kevlar. In conclusion, Tinkerbell is the best because she is sexy, has great character and will make me a superhero.”

Sinner44 got the win because he went into details with Tinkerbell’s traits and powers and mashed it up with his own superhero fantasy.  We always reward creativity!

Thanks for everyone that entered… we will have a new contest up next week (Hint…Superhero cartoon blu-ray), so make sure to enter. Cheers and we hope you’re having a wonderful New Year!

jscott2 calendar Fairytale Fantasies Calendar Winner Signed By J. Scott Campbell

pixel Fairytale Fantasies Calendar Winner Signed By J. Scott Campbell

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