Fairytale Fights: Blood, Guts, Little Red & more!

Freeze them, burn them, or pour acid all over them! The new game by PlayLogic is a 3 year in the making, flip on the wild side, adventure. With this new take on your favorite little fairytale heroes, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack (from the bean-stock), Ginger Bread Man, and more with wielding weapons to kill one another, human and fairytale critter alike, this game is bound supply countless hours of troubled child hood memories in the most horrific adult contented format to date! Use the giant key to that magical chest, or the needle that sowed your magical clothing, the love potion that saves the “happily ever after” and yes, even the mixer that mixed all the ingredients to bake Mr. O-so lovely, but deeply disturbed Ginger Bread Man, to cut up, stab, and grind your way into trouble.   So instead of playing other cartoon and comic book inspired games, why not go back to the originals, the ones that started them all and get your gruesome, blood driven fix!

And don’t be fooled, now is your chance to put the age old question to rest. Who is better looking? Snow White or Sleeping Beauty? With online multilayer opportunities with an assortment of game play, now is your chance.

Fairytale Fights was released in North America on 10/27/2009. . . So go buy it, and kick some fairytale butt!

101 Fairytale Fights: Blood, Guts, Little Red & more!

pixel Fairytale Fights: Blood, Guts, Little Red & more!

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