Famed Artist Rob Liefeld Upset Over Deadpool

Cable Deadpool 25 Famed Artist Rob Liefeld Upset Over Deadpool
When it comes to art, Rob Liefeld is no Jim Lee or Greg Capullo.  The internet hates Liefeld for his unproportional figures and lazy drawings.  When I say lazy, I mean copying compositions from other artists and not giving credit or better yet, copying his own compositions from older work.  While the internet hates him, there’s no denying his art sells or else he wouldn’t be working with DC right now for Deathstroke.

Over the past several days, Liefeld posted on Twitter that he’s frustrated that Marvel has no love for his created, Deadpool.  He mentioned that only “D-list” creative team work on the title and it gets no love from Marvel.  I don’t think he meant it as an insult to Deadpool’s current creative team because he mentioned that only new guys work on it and not the veteran writers.  Anyways, some Marvel employees responded on Twitter with:

Rick Remender: “Lot of talented people you just called out as D-list. Might be a better way to congratulate yourself?

Dave Johnson: “Yes!!! I’ve been elevated to the “D list” of talent. Thanks Rob. Now if I can only learn how to ink while driving a car.

For me, even though some of his art is laughable, I have no problem with Liefeld. People hate him because of the way he draws but it’s obvious he still appeals to the masses, so why change his style.
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pixel Famed Artist Rob Liefeld Upset Over Deadpool

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