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Bumped into a site called,  Unlike youtube, where users upload their own videos, fancast uploads tv shows and movies by themselves.  There is a good and bad side to this.   First, the bad.  Even though they have a lot of shows, ranging from full episodes of South Park to movies like Bourne Identity, the choices are still limited.  I was looking for my favorite tv show, The Unit and they only had two full episodes.  Everything else was just short clips.  This is the same case with other tv shows like OC and Simpsons.  Which leads me to my next issue, it seems like they just randomly upload episodes.  So you might get episode 3 and 4 of OC and then it just jumps straight to episode 7.  If you’ve never seen the show, doesn’t make sense to watch it because spoilers will be revealed.

Now on to the good:

The quality is way better than youtube’s.  Bigger screen, less pixelized, clearer and the sound is sharp as well.  Also, some shows are shown in widescreen format, while old videos are in tv format.  With youtube, a user can just upload any video ranging from crap to great.  Because fancast uploads it themselves, they make sure the quailty is good.  Another plus is the new shows they have available as well as the old.  I was surprised they already had Knight Rider (just shown this week on tv ) and I was glad they had some episodes of my childhood favorite show, Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper.  I also liked the clip’s they had for Conan O’Brien which had funny segments and my hero, Triumph.

Overall, I like the site.  It has enough movies and show to keep you entertained.  I’m sure in the long run all of the episodes will be on the site.  I just wish they uploaded videos in an order instead of skipping some episodes in between.  The site is very easy to navigate and unlike some video sites, it didn’t crash or slow down my browser when I was watching videos.  I recommend this site to tv(mostly to the ones that have already seen the episode but want to watch it again) and movie fans because of the quality of the videos.  Video is great and top it all of, it’s free!!
Grade: B

pixel   The Youtube For TV Shows?

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