Fantastic Four Character Killed

fantastic four death Fantastic Four Character Killed

2011 must be the year of “shocking” deaths in comics.  We’ve heard Cobra Commander and Zorro killed off, now it’s one of the Fantastic Four.  Comic books are usually released on Wednesdays but Fantastic Four #587 was released, yesterday, on a Tuesday.  Marvel decided the release to make the story more special. 

**Spoilers Ahead **

Comicbokresources reported that while the death of Johnny Storm aka Human Torch attracted non collectors to comic book stores, it didn’t have the impact that Marvel got with the death of Captain America.   Comic book shops reported that supply will definitely demand with some ordering 15 times the average amount they order for Fantastic Four.

Maybe readers just don’t care about characters dying off anymore.  It was shocking when Superman died and Batman got paralyzed by Bane but now the shock factor is gone.  Everyone knows that these major characters will somehow be revived in a couple of months.

pixel Fantastic Four Character Killed

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