Fedor Not Retiring, Fight Draws 1.1 Million Viewers

fedor eye Fedor Not Retiring, Fight Draws 1.1 Million Viewers

After being unbeaten for 9 nine straight years, Fedor has lost his 2 last fights.  He was triangled by Fabricio Werdum last year and over the weekend, the fight against Antonio “Giant” Silva was stopped due to Fedor’s busted eye.  He couldn’t see from his right eye and the fight was stopped after the second round.  The fight was in the first round of the Strikeforce Heavyweight GP where Sergei Kharitonov ko’d Andrei Arlovski as he advanced in the tournament, along with Giant Silva.

Fedor looked calm and relieved after the fight and said that maybe it’s time for him to retire.  Most fans didn’t believe his statement, especially after he took a beating against Silva and kept on fighting.  He said he was ready for round three before the doctor stopped the match.  According to valetudo.ru, Fedor said the following statement, where he’s already back in Russia:

I rushed to declare my retirement. I will fight more. Possibly, I will return to the Heavyweight Grand-Prix.  I am capable of having a few more fights. I didn’t make any analysis yet on why I lost. I need to recover, I can’t see very well yet.”

I don’t want Fedor to return to the tournament because he already lost and doesn’t deserve to be in there anymore.  But I’m glad he’s not retiring, I think he still has the athleticism to fight the best heavyweights in the world, he just needs a new camp.  His style looks a bit outdated.

In another good news for Strikeforce,  MMAJunkie reported that the viewers peaked at 1.1 million during the Fedor fight.  Anything over a million views for an MMA event is considered a success.  UFC president Dana White always downplays Fedor’s marketability but this event proved that White should see Strikeforce as a serious contender to its throne

pixel Fedor Not Retiring, Fight Draws 1.1 Million Viewers

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