US Feds Zero In on Anonymous Hackers


750px Anonymous Flag US Feds Zero In on Anonymous Hackers

Over the past year, the FBI has arrested 16 people and carried out 75 raids against Anonymous including 14 indictments made in July over a DOS attack on PayPal last year.  The FBI has issued several warnings of hacking threats made by members of Anonymous this summer.  One threat against Wall Street (a physical protest) was suppoosed to happen today.  Go to the Anonymous Facebook page for more information.

Last month the San Francisco police arrested over 40 protesters during a rally organized by Anonymous.  This protest, which caused the SF police to shut down four of the city’s subway stations, was the hacking group’s first denial of service attack made in person instead of over the internet.

Anonymous organized the protest to speak out against the Bay Area Rapid Transit System’s (BART) blockage of cell phone service in their subway stations during the previous week. BART reportedly blocked communication in an attempt to disrupt a planned protest against fatal shootings committed by their police.  This protest led to 35 raids and dozens of arrests.  So much for freedom of speech, eh? Here is a short video of the protest:

0 US Feds Zero In on Anonymous Hackers

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pixel US Feds Zero In on Anonymous Hackers

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