Fight for Gamer Rights Against Schwarzenegger

ECA Control Your Game Fight for Gamer Rights Against Schwarzenegger

The ECA (Entertainment Consumers Association) wants our help to spread the word and help protect freedom of speech and the First Amendment. As you guys may know, video games in general have been targeted against many times by many different politicians as early as the NES days. These guys have tried to take us down, but in the end, the federal court sided with gamers and said it was unconstitutional. But this fall, our rights as a gamer may change.

The supreme court has agreed to a hearing for “Schwarzenegger v. EMA.” If the supreme court agrees with the lower federal courts, it means that video games will be protected under the First Amendment, just like books, movies and music. If they disagree, it would mean that games should be treated differently. Somewhere out there, Mario and Master Chief are crying.

Over this summer, the Entertainment Consumers Association will be drafting a brief to submit to the court, defending our rights.

So help the gaming community by letting your voice be heard and sign the petition right now!

pixel Fight for Gamer Rights Against Schwarzenegger

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