Figma Fanatic: Dead Master, BRS TV Animation Version!

What? But you already did a post on Dead Master?! NOT this one my friend and wow is she cool or what!

NEW from Max Factory and for Figma fans around the world is Dead Master as she appeared in the 8 episode TV Anime of Black Rock Shooter. This time around the characters are battling to shoulder the pain of their real world counterparts and with their death (usually at the hands of Black Rock Shooter), the girl in the real world is left empty and without much memory of the one who had troubled her.

Dead Master is still Yomi Takanashi as she was in the OVA except her story is much deeper in such a way that her life is quite disturbing. Constantly being abused by her childhood “friend” Kagari—also Chariot in the other world, Yomi just as well struggles to get by in her day to day.

Wanting to befriend Mato Kuroi (Black Rock Shooter) Yomi is stopped in her tracks by Kagari and pretty much tortured mentally and physically to the extent of what a Junior High age student can do. The more depressed and troubled Yomi becomes the closer it comes to Dead Master awakening in the other world.

Upon her awakening, Dead Master faces Black Rock Shooter in a fight to the death as Yomi becomes more troubled—doing things like cutting her hair off in the middle of art class and shredding the fabrics in her bedroom until finally Black Rock Shooter merged with Mato, stabs Dead Master to death and all of Yomi’s problems, troubles and pain vanish. (Sorry about the spoilers).

DMTV 1 Figma Fanatic: Dead Master, BRS TV Animation Version!

The front of the window box houses a great MIB collectible.

DMTV 2 Figma Fanatic: Dead Master, BRS TV Animation Version!

The back of the box has some Japanese info and poses.

The TV Anime version of Dead Master is really awesome and quite large in places where most Figmas are condensed. Her pretty Gothic Lolita dress in black, with a white crinoline underneath, is enhanced with the green flowers and trim throughout. This color scheme almost gives her a Cyber look which is kind of cool. Some of the new alterations from the original Figma are the fact that she has a translucent rubber veil upon her head where her removable green horns protrude and the most fascinating accessory is her green glasses (which she has a few pairs of—very difficult to deal with). I find glasses on figures scaled to such a small size to be an amazing feat because they have to be sculpted so carefully, however, it is very hard to get them positioned and removed. The glasses are forward on her nose to appear like reading lenses, but this appearance gives her a kind of mysterious air to her character where she comes off as sinister or always looking down on her opponent as though they are worthless.

DMTV 3 Figma Fanatic: Dead Master, BRS TV Animation Version!

Dead Master’s hands are like large claws and add the green trim to enhance the fingers. A few sets are included with a pair for gripping her Dead Scythe. The Dead Scythe is huge—comparable to the one that comes with White Rock Shooter—they can go harvesting some wandering souls together!

DMTV 5 Figma Fanatic: Dead Master, BRS TV Animation Version!

Dead Master has 3 changeable faces; there is the standard, a condescending look as they say in the description and one with her eyes closed—there are no issues with her glasses on any of the faces, everything is sculpted perfectly, however, I feel this Figma is fragile and didn’t want to start pulling the head apart, I got down to the face and decided to go back to MIB—I’m sorry that I don’t have photos to display her with the different faces, but I had a very hard time getting her glasses back on and putting the horns back on with the veil is not an easy task either.
The final inclusion are a pair of metal chains that were also included with the original Black Rock Shooter Figma, these are basically included because she is usually bound in order to keep her emotions restrained until Yomi just can’t take it anymore—she also uses the chains to try to kill BRS, so its an interesting addition. Finally, there is the usual fully articulated Figma stand. The chains, stand and extra pair of glasses are actually sealed in their multi-part bag and I didn’t want to open it because I’ve decided not to display her because of how fragile I feel she is, so the stand I’m using in the photos is from either the OVA Dead Master or Black Rock Shooter. Once again, sorry.

Not included sadly are her pair of skulls that the original Figma came with, but I get it, its pretty much a different concept and the skulls can be used with this Dead Master if you like anyhow.

DMTV 10 Figma Fanatic: Dead Master, BRS TV Animation Version!

The back of Dead Master has a pair of green bony bird wings that are larger than the original Figma and also a bow in green. There is a huge chunk of plastic padding to keep her wings from touching the bottom of the clam shell, once again—fragile. The heavy details really make Dead Master a simply beautiful Figma though and it pained me to have to return her to the box.

DMTV 9 Figma Fanatic: Dead Master, BRS TV Animation Version!

Here is a comparison of original Dead and TV Dead. There are a lot of differences, but most of the details are similar. Its hard to choose which I like better, but I’m sure YOU, the reader may be able to make a decision of your own—it all comes down to preference. I like them both equally, however, the OVA Dead is so much easier to work with, but the TV Animation Version has so much more detail, I really love the veil and glasses.
They can maybe fight each other, but I see them agreeing with: “We should just go after Rock, why face each other—we’re both smoking hot!” …and TV Dead says: “I know, right!”

DMTV 8 Figma Fanatic: Dead Master, BRS TV Animation Version!

So, for your enjoyment…

DMTV 6 Figma Fanatic: Dead Master, BRS TV Animation Version!

Dead Master and White Rock Shooter strike a pose!

DMTV 7 Figma Fanatic: Dead Master, BRS TV Animation Version!

Dead Master and BRS Beast decide to go at it! Dead says: “Guns are for pussies, Rock, face me with your sword only—if you don’t I’ll crack your precious crown before I crack your skull!”

That brings an end to Dead Master TV Animation Version; very cool and perfectly made as usual, just so difficult for me to handle without worry which just sucks! I see all of these Figma reviews where the person is changing character’s heads and other body parts and I just don’t feel I can take the risk with damaging anything, so the box is the safest place.

DMTV 4 Figma Fanatic: Dead Master, BRS TV Animation Version!

GRADE: A (For not having her own Skull-Chan’s and being a tough one to handle—still an awesome Figma though)!

Click the link below to read up on the OVA Dead Master Figma and the Yomi Takanashi Figma!


pixel Figma Fanatic: Dead Master, BRS TV Animation Version!

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