Film Review: Quantum of Solace

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I’m really enjoying the new reboot of the James Bond franchise.  I was never a huge Bond fan.  Most of the films were bland and repetitive.  Sean Connery was clearly the best Bond.  He was suave and just a lot of fun.  After the initial excellent Bond films I really lost interest in the series.  Pierce Brosnan (not a bad actor) did what was required of the role, but nothing more.  Goldeneye was a rousing start with the lovely Famke Jansen (crushing men between her thighs….what’s not to love), but his series of films quickly grew as rotten as Halle Berry’s acting in Die Another Day.  Daniel Craig renewed the energy and brought the gritty (and the pain) as James Bond in Casino Royale.  The massively entertaining Bond film which breathed new life into the bland Bond franchise.  The underrated Quantum of Solace is a highly entertaining action piece that follows the Bourne model of action flicks.

Solace starts with a terrific opening song from Jack White (White Stripes) and Alicia Keyes and plunges us into a nifty car chase.  Bond is out for revenge after being betrayed by his former love Vesper.  Feeling conflicted over his betrayal, and mostly wanting revenge for her death and to find the man (or organization) that set her up, Bond goes on a massive manhunt.  The trail leads to a beautiful (but quite deadly) woman named Camille (the lovely Olga Kurylenko) who has her own reasons for revenge and an environmentalist named Dominic Greene (the fine actor Matthieu Amalric, OK, but kind of wasted) who has a sinister plan for stealing an important natural resource for his own profit.  Judi Dench (as M) and a few other actors return from Casino Royale and the acting is generally strong with Craig in firm command as Bond.  A cold, calculated killing machine, he doesn’t mesh with the older Bond fans and what they want out of Bond.  They want a bland cipher who sips martinis and beds hotties.  That just won’t do for me in this post- Bourne era.  Craig now just needs a compelling (and more physical villain) to go up against, and the next Bond could be one of the all time best in franchise history. 

Fast-paced and well-made, Quantum of Solace is solid entertainment.  It’s not as good storywise as Casino Royale, but its easily the best Bond film (besides Casino Royale) since Goldeneye.  The older Bond fans may not like this new, gritty Bond but I’ll take his intensity any day over the bland Bonds of the past.  Daniel Craig is the Bond of the future, and the franchise can only get better from here.  Solace is something of a solid filler film, and the next Bond should be thrilling and an equal to Casino Royale.   

Film Grade: B

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