Film Review: The Machine (2013)

The Machine Movie Film Review:  The Machine (2013)

The Machine is a British sci-fi film starring Caity Lotz (who played Black Canary on Arrow) as Ava and Toby Stephens as Vincent, a doctor in some futuristic government operation that creates android soldiers. Vincent finds an up and coming scientist in Ava who creates a robotic brain that is so self-aware, Vincent hires Ava on the spot and so begins the android’s journey.

The Good:

The Machine is obviously fairly low-budget but manages to hide it pretty well. The CG effects are decent but luckily the script doesn’t call for much. The outdoor city scenes are reminiscent of Blade Runner but not a complete rip-off like the Total Recall remake was. large machine 1 Film Review:  The Machine (2013)

The story is interesting and thought-provoking with equally engaging dialogue. In particular, and also in the spirit of Blade Runner, it does raise some questions about the ethics of Artificial Intelligence.

The acting is appropriate, with a particularly effective performance from Caity Lotz who’s android character draws you in and makes you feel for her. She also has an amazing physique and prowess and the film is the perfect vehicle for her to display her dance and martial arts ability.

The Machine Film Review:  The Machine (2013)

The Bad:

The pacing was a bit slow but with the dark mood of the film, it fits. Some viewers might be turned off looking for more “action” but things start moving toward the end of the film so there definitely is a payoff.

THE MACHINE Dir Caradog James Fight Photo Courtesy Red and Black hero Film Review:  The Machine (2013)

Overall, I enjoyed The Machine. It’s a decent sci-fi film and you can’t beat the price: it’s streaming right now on Netflix.

Rating: B+

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