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No matter how hard we wish for a real next gen remake of this classic JRPG that redefined the genre, the only thing we’ll get is this 3rd remake on the Nintendo DS.

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What we got here is Square Enix pushing the Nintendo DS to its limit to some extent, and showing us that they can perform and outshine visually on almost any platform and at the same time taking us back to the thought of “its not all about graphics.”

It has a mixture of some good CG cutscenes to set the mood for the rest of the 64-bit looking game, it puts to good use of low polys, and it has a great direction to keep you playing. It all comes together very nicely, not to mention that the music is still one of my favorite soundtracks in the series.

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Other than having a graphical upgrade, there are plenty of new features for the old fans. From a customizable summon character that allows you to draw on its face, to the new augment system (a system which allows party members to pass on their special skills to other party members).

There is also voice dialogue, while not as good as the Japanese version with its cheesiness sometimes, it still has a good art direction and music. Furthermore, there is a new map system that keeps the game a little more interesting, like unveiling the whole map will earn you treasure.

The game makes really good use of the dual screens, making the interface a pleasure to deal with. From time to time, a selected character will make a remark aiding or commenting you on the current situation.

It is safe to say that this classic template of a game, with new exclusive features not seen in any other RPG, makes this a MUST HAVE title for any RPG fan with a DS.

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