Flames on Optimus!!!

fatoptimus Flames on Optimus!!!

Haha, just went to my neighborhood Wal-Mart. I was going there to purchase some supplies for my Spartan outfit. I went to check out the toys section for Transformers and was listening in on a conversation by these 2 cholos checking out the toys. They were commenting on the new Optimus Prime toy from the new movie by Michael Bay.

“Hijo de puta! Motherfuckin flames on Optimus?!?”

So yeah Michael Bay, it’s not just the hardcore fans that’s bitchin about the flames. It’s also two gangsta dudes bitchin on aisle 5. Reminds me of that shirt Michael Bay would wear during the shoot of Transformers that said “Giant fucking robots are coming.” He should change it to “Mad fucking cholos are leaning!”

Here’s a link to the Michael Bay video interview explaining why he wanted flames on Optimus.

Michael Bay video interview

bayshirt Flames on Optimus!!!

pixel Flames on Optimus!!!

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