Food: Korean BBQ

Yes, nerds need to eat too, when we are not playing video games or watching our favorite movies.

We go to this place about once a week. It’s all you can eat for $10 per person. With the drinks and tip, it adds up to about $15 per person. Still not bad for the amount of food that I eat. Between 2 people, we had them refill the meat plate at least four times.

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The calm before the storm…

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This drink is called Soju, and it’s strong as hell, it’s like drinking gasoline! But, it’s great with the BBQ meat, and the whole bottle is only $6.

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The side dishes….

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Time for a refill!

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Tell me that doesn’t look good!

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Heavy Drinker!!!

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The “Shots” song is playing in my head here.

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Check Please!!!

The name of the place is J Korean BBQ, Hawaiian Gardens, CA

pixel Food: Korean BBQ

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