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A bitch’in toy review!

WG SM SG 1 1024x666 From The DC Universe Comes...

Wonder Girl, Superman and Supergirl.

From the “Crisis” series I present two 3 packs of 3-4 inch–G.I. Joe-sized heroes. Pack 3 offers Wonder Girl, Superman and Supergirl. Each figure has different points of articulation including joints at the knees and elbows, the heads turn and the shoulders rotate 360 degrees. The details are pretty good between the paint and molds. The package has a raised hand on the inside making the box itself an interesting collectible. The back of the box has the stats of the three characters with a little information on their powers and even their alternate names.
This set is done well, I just wish some of the paint applications were better.

GL BC GA 1 1024x661 From The DC Universe Comes...

Green Lantern, Black Canary and Green Arrow.

The next set which is #5 contains Green Lantern, Black Canary and Green Arrow. This set is a bit better than the one above. I feel the detail on Green Arrow (including the accessory of his bow) makes him the best of the bunch. Black Canary and Green Lantern are well-done though with good paint applications and details. The packaging is the same with the raised hand inside the box and on the back are the character stats. Once again, this is a very nice collection.

Stargirl fig 645x1024 From The DC Universe Comes...


Next, sized to Batman Animated/Justice League scale is Stargirl from the Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection. The detail of the figure is pretty accurate and features her Star Rod which gives her great powers such as flight, almost like a witch on her broom. Stargirl is as small as the Supergirl figure which is fine–once again, due to scale.
The package is small and pretty basic except for a beveled pattern and the back of the card offers a little information on the character with a JSA origin.

GL CA SG 628x1024 From The DC Universe Comes...

Green Lantern, Captain Atom and Supergirl.

Another Fan Collection 3 pack featuring full-sized “Animated” figures from Justice League Unlimited. To start, we have Green Lantern (“young” version) with the usual Animated series articulation in the waist-leg joints and the 360 degree head and arm movement. Great details though, including his ring.
Next is Captain Atom in a mostly monotone gray with red, white and black accents and the same articulation as Green Lantern.
Finally there is Supergirl whom as mentioned before is about the size of Stargirl. The details are good and feature her headband and “S” symbol on her white shirt. Her articulation is the same as the guys, just at a smaller size.
The box art is colorful and the back of the card describes the episode that the three characters appeared in together and other figures “sold separately!” This is a really nice set and great for a collection.

J Lords 634x1024 From The DC Universe Comes...

Justice Lords Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.

The last is probably the best for those who remember the “Justice Lords” episode from the Justice League cartoon.
This set features Superman in white and black with red detail. His articulation is better than some of the others with joints in his knees and elbows.
The next is Wonder Woman with less articulation but the Justice Lord outfit of red with black and gold–she sports short hair and an extra “meanness” in the face.
Finally is Batman, he is probably the coolest of the figures with black and gray–and looking more futuristic than the current design. Batman’s articulation is the same as Superman’s. All-in-all, this set of Justice Lord “anti-heroes” is great and I highly recommend this set to anyone who likes the animated DC.
The packaging is very basic and the back of the card just offers a checklist for other figures in the series.

My final thoughts on all of these figures is, as nice as they are, I still feel that they were made just for people who wanted them for collective purposes. What I mean by that is, they were made in smaller amounts than a regular issue of figures and the lack of accessories and quality of packaging is telling “you” to open them up and lean them somewhere. Just by looking you can tell that most of them won’t stand on their own. Other than that, I think they are great.

Personally for me, I have always been a fan of Batman, but I’m finally branching out into the Justice League, Justice Society and directly to Superman and Supergirl.
I guess I’m a DC fan and always will be. Marvel however, has some great new figures that are built off the premise of G.I. Joe and they are really nice. I’ll probably look into that in the future…

pixel From The DC Universe Comes...

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