Full DVD Review: 5 Seasons Of “The Batman.”

The Batman1 Full DVD Review: 5 Seasons Of The Batman.

Ask me a few years ago what I thought of the–at the time–new animated series The Batman and I would have said it was terrible, or maybe to a lesser extent that it was all right. Ask me today and I’ll reply with regret and some comments on how good it really is.

The Batman has really grown on me, not only do I appreciate the cartoon itself so much more than I had when it first came on, but I also love the action figures.

The Batman is based mostly upon the blockbuster live-action movie Batman Begins. It starts in Bruce Wayne’s third year as Batman and follows his younger years.

Season one introduces in a kid-friendly way the origin of Batman and some of his most known villains. The Joker is the first character–whom is so different from his homicidal tendencies that most die-hard fans would be turned off to the character immediately. I always referred to him as “Jamaican Joker” due to him being presented with thick “dreadlocks” and no shoes, he would bounce around and his toxin would leave smiles upon his victims faces; Batman would then cure them–however, if you have an imagination all you have to say is: “damn, he killed them…”

Episode 2 featured Bane, he wasn’t a nitwit like that horrible movie Batman and Robin had made him. Bane was as decent as he was in the original Animated Series, he was just different… Regardless of that, the story was what I had focused on the most and that was the fact that after Bane tossed Batman through a brick wall breaking many of his bones in the process; Alfred became plagued with thoughts of picking young Bruce up from the police after the death of  his parents.  With the eventual aid of his faithful Butler; Bruce goes against Bane with casts and bandages in a home-made robotic suit and wins. It was a good story and a little dark for being aimed at kids.

The rest of the season continues on by introducing more villains and butchering their origins all-the-while. “Wire-foo Penguin”, Non-pyromaniac Firefly, Common Crook Mr. Freeze and a host of others. Catwoman however, they were able to get right–or very close.

Season one includes 2 DVD’s with a good amount of extras including behind the scenes where the creators explain why they changed characters and what they had planned it to be. There is also a fun tour of how they create the action figures and toys. A few games, 2 are non-interactive and one is.

All in all, I feel I gave this season the second chance it deserved and I was personally satisfied.


Season 2 continues the adventures of Joker, Penguin–alternating or in the same episode for most of the season with other characters coming in on occasion. This season introduces The Riddler who resembles a Marilyn Manson reject–hence: “Marilyn Riddler”. The character IS The Riddler, however he just doesn’t look the way people remember.

The last episode stands out as the best of the season by having a classic challenge pitting The Joker, Penguin and Riddler against each other to expose Batman.  Commissioner Gordon makes his first appearance here also.

Season 2 is just as well a continuation of episodes from Season one featuring a new story for entertainment purposes only.

As for the extras–it’s simply the season preview and nothing more.


Batgirl2 Full DVD Review: 5 Seasons Of The Batman.

Season 3 is where the show starts to gain momentum and focus on how it’s really for kids.  The 2 part episode kicking off the season features Barbara Gordon becoming Batgirl and the “birth” of Poison Ivy.  Its a good episode due to how it’s a new beginning and something new in the first episode is always fun.

The season continues with Batgirl trying to prove herself to Batman and the introduction of villains such as Maxie Zeus whom has never had a stable and consistent story.  The episode itself was very good and quite entertaining.

The extras are a behind the scenes of season 3 looking at the new characters.

Due to season 3 of The Batman being my favorite, I’m being biased by saying that its…


For everyone else…


Season 4 introduces Dick Grayson as Robin.  The story matches close to the original and his dad is voiced by Kevin Conroy (Batman/Bruce Wayne, in the original Animated Series.)

As the show progresses the relationship between Batgirl and Robin is of a brother and sister fighting and caring for one-another.  There is a great episode with Black Mask where they get into the bonding of their relationship with a bit of drama and some comedy.

This season also brings Harley Quinn into the show.  The introduction episode was written by Harley creator Paul Dini.  Quinn’s story is re-written for a younger audience but still serves it’s purpose as she gets tangled into a screwed up relationship with the Joker.  Most would find “Mad Love” to be better in explaining the insanity best, however because the creator of the character wrote the episode, he can do whatever he wants and it was satisfactory.

Oracle 1 Full DVD Review: 5 Seasons Of The Batman.

My personal favorite is called “Artifacts” this episode features a look into the future where a team of scientists/police find the Batcave over a thousand years into the future.  A side story progresses as an older Batman (Dark Knight Returns style) fights Mr. Freeze in what appears to be the most violent episode of the show.  Dick Grayson had become Nightwing with many jokes ensuing.  The depressing aspect (and my favorite) was Barbara Gordon being Oracle.  Wheelchair bound and older, she resembles the current character in the comic book.  If you took the time to think of why she is in the chair then it wouldn’t be a kids show anymore.  The hidden dramatic edge comes to me when I think of the character of Batgirl in this cartoon and how happy she is and then pair it with the Oracle character–it makes you sad to do so…

The best season of the series hands down.

The extras include another behind the scenes which focuses on Harley Quinn and Martian Manhunter who is in the last 2 episodes of the season.  The creators really stray or even hide from talking about the “Artifacts” episode.  I personally believe that it was THAT special.

GRADE A+ (for everyone.)

Finally, season 5 presents many cross-overs featuring the Justice League.  There are episodes with The Flash, Green Arrow, Hawkman, and Green Lantern.  However, this season starts with a bang due to the first 2 episodes having a cross-over with Superman; featuring Lex Luthor, Lois Lane (she really needs to eat though…) Mercy and Jimmy Olson.  This episode is on par with the original episode “Worlds Finest” in the 90’s Batman/Superman cartoons.  Metallo makes an appearance also; however, there was never a spin-off–Too bad.

The season ends with all characters on deck for a big free for all against alien invaders.  Season 5 of The Batman was excellent, and the show ended well.

The special features include a look at the Justice League characters and voice actors.


After seeing the entire series of The Batman, I have a much better appreciation for it.  Not having to sit through commercials helped also.  The picture quality and sound are DVD perfect.  I haven’t found it on Blu-Ray for those who have it–maybe in the near future.

I highly recommend people to give The Batman a second chance.  As a very old-school Batman fan, I’ve been able to overcome my distaste for the series.  A lot of people who stuck by it say that it gets better as it goes on and I have to agree and disagree.  The first 2 seasons had some great episodes but then to agree, the third season and on was great!  Still, my personal opinion of season 4 being better than season 5 still stands.

If you have Netflix or $90 bucks after shipping, check out seasons 1 through 5 of The Batman-Animated.

pixel Full DVD Review: 5 Seasons Of The Batman.

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