G.I. Joe Resolute: Figure 7 Packs!

GI R pic G.I. Joe Resolute: Figure 7 Packs!

From the bitch’in short film G.I. Joe: Resolute comes 2 figure 7 packs featuring a total of 14 great characters!

In the past it was hit or miss with getting quality multi-packs of action figures. Now, Hasbro listened to the fans and presents us with…

The Joes!

GI R Joes G.I. Joe Resolute: Figure 7 Packs!

The G.I. Joe figure set includes Snake Eyes from the 2009 movie figure pack entitled City Strike. The figure is exactly what the character was represented as in the animated Resolute. Next is Beach Head, the character had a very small role in Resolute, but the detail this figure dons is excellent! From there is another version of Duke. The Duke figure has had a standard incarnation, a rocket pack version and now this one, I give a lot of credit for not simply repacking one of the past figures and coming up with a different figure of Duke for this set.
After Duke is Flint, this figure has a great look and a lot of detail and is worthy of being part of the set. The next figure is Scarlett and it appears that they have out done themselves, the detail is truly from the animated movie and looks well proportioned. Roadblock…and does he look bad-ass or what! Roadblock was always one of my favorite figures and I really love the way this one was put together, it appears to have most elements from the Walmart exclusive Battle Stations that only a select few could get. Either way, the figure looks awesome. Stalker is the last figure in the pack and looks to offer up some great detail from the animated movie. Stalker was one of the original Joes back in 1982 and once again he is back with an updated look.


GI R Cobra G.I. Joe Resolute: Figure 7 Packs!

The Cobra set features the best selection yet! No more packs of vipers–no, you get all the main characters starting with Zartan! Zartan was totally awesome as the insane killer for hire in the animated movie and this figure depicts him well. Alley Viper (more or less) this is the one that got grenades chucked at him in the movie–the figure is cool, but the original orange and blue Alley Viper is cooler.
Destro–the most kick ass version of Destro since the Christopher Eccleston look-alike from the SDCC 2 pack. He looks tough (as always) and is simply cool.
Cobra Commander is just as well the same as the single packaged figure, his accessory seems to be a scepter this time, cool, if anything, there just isn’t another version of him in the movie.
The Baroness is excellent, however the way they packaged her is nothing special–the figure is great though and being a big Baroness fan, it’ll be nice to add this version to the collection.
Storm Shadow is just as well a clone from the animated movie, great detail and should be one of the favorites. Finally, Firefly completes the selection of action figures. He includes the same large rocket launcher from the special recolor Resolute set and has great detail.

All of the figures come with great accessories as do all of the figures in the G.I. Joe line.
As a fan of G.I. Joe, I had put my pre-order in for these figures a few months ago and I’m waiting patiently for them. The release date is currently August.
I highly recommend these sets to anyone who like the G.I. Joe Resolute animated movie or a collector of Joes because they are great figures and don’t have any “filler” figures like a bunch of Vipers or Green Shirts. They are all major characters including the Alley Viper.

Find them at an over-priced Internet specialty store near you!

pixel G.I. Joe Resolute: Figure 7 Packs!

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