Game of Thrones Season Five Spoiler Free Preview

Game of thrones season 5 posters 7 Game of Thrones Season Five Spoiler Free Preview

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been binge-watching seasons 1 – 4 of Game of Thrones in preparation for tomorrow’s season five premiere. But in case for some reason you’ve been too busy watching Daredevil on Netflix or Mad Men‘s final season or whatnot, then read on to get caught up on what to expect from season 5.

As the title says, this is a spoiler free preview and I’m way behind on the books. Unless, of course, you’re still catching up on season 4, then you might find a spoiler or two below. Without further ado….

Tyrion & Varys – Thanks to brother Jamie and the eunich Varys, Tyrion, last we saw, narrowly escaped being judged by the gods (i.e. the Red Viper got his face smashed in by the Mountain while he was showboating meaning Tyrion had to die for poisoning Joffrey). Varys puts the wooden crate carrying his friend on a ship then decides to board with him after taking a long, last look at King’s Landing. Bells are ringing and mayhem is obviously afoot since Tyrion decided to tie up some loose ends before he left.

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I rewound the scene a couple of times and think it’s highly possible that he missed Tywin’s heart and got him in the shoulder. Such a great character, as much as he deserves to die, we could very well see him again.

Arya Stark – The spunky and fearless young Arya leaves the Hound laying wounded at the foot of a mountain after getting his ass handed to him by Brienne of Tarth. Finally seeing an opportunity to use the coin given to her by Jaqen H’ghar, a girl finds a boat and books passage seemingly to Bravos. She originally asks to go North but the captain tells her there’s only snow and war there. Valar Morghulis are the magic words and she’s sailing off into the horizon. Who will she meet when she gets there…?

Lady Sansa – Understandably grateful to Lord Baelish for getting her out of King’s Landing and in essence saving her life, she repays him by covering for his pushing her aunt through the moon door. She was originally going to marry her cousin Robin, now Lord of the Vale, and looks as though she might be very willing to play that role. But I wonder how much longer her and Little Finger can continue making goo goo eyes at each other before someone notices. With her new hair do and vampy dress, she looks to be coming into her own and liking where she’s at…

Dark Sansa 2 Game of Thrones Season Five Spoiler Free Preview

Gendry Baratheon – or is Snow the general last name given to all bastard sons…?  The last time we saw Gendry, he was rowing away from Stannis’ lair thwarting the Red Witch and her big plans of sacrificing him to her god. I’m hoping he and Arya meet again. They had great chemistry and it was so cool to see the children of the former BFFs Eddard and King Robert so close and hanging together like buds. Gendry joked that he would have to call Arya his lady and bow to her which was ironic considering he is the only true surviving son of King Robert.  And I’m pretty sure Arya wasn’t just watching his moves when he was practicing.

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Jon Snow, the Wall, the Night’s Watch, and the Wildlings – Previews on HBO are showing Snow telling Stannis that they all need to fight together because winter is coming (and death marches on the wall). So it looks like Snow will be holding down the fort and possibly stepping into a leadership role. One former leader was killed at Craster’s Keep but the other guy, Alliser Thorne, the one who hates Snow, got dragged away wounded in battle. He might be changing his tune now that Snow was right about everything he warned them about.  Which brings me to …

500px Season 4 Drogon and Dany Game of Thrones Season Five Spoiler Free Preview

Deanerys Targaryen, Breaker of Chains, yada yada yada, Mother of Dragons – The season 5 poster and several previews show her biggest child Drogon  (obviously her favorite and the one who was on her shoulder when she survived the fire) flying around. Tyrion sees him and it will be interesting to see if he joins up with Deanerys. She also goes in to the catacombs to check on the other two. I wonder how they’ll feel after she locked them up. It was so sad! They weren’t even the ones doing all the damage to begin with!  Drogon has gotten humongous and she’s got two more? No one will be able to stop her.

 Game of Thrones Season Five Spoiler Free Preview

Bran, Hodor, and the 3 eyed Raven – So Bran finally meets the one behind all his vision, the old guy in the cave with those really strange children. He tells Bran that he will never walk again but he will fly. Hmmm…. does he mean physically or by using his warg powers perhaps? I’m thinking Bran is going to warg with one of the dragons. Again, just speculation…. Update: The actor let it slip in an interview that Bran and Hodor are taking the season off. Producer Benoiff explains it is due to the character spending a year doing some Jedi style training in the ice cave that might get boring for the viewers.

The Sand Sisters  – Okay, do you remember the Red Viper’s girlfriend? She said her last name was Sand and she had 10,000 brothers and sisters. Well three of them will be appearing in season 5 and one of them will be played by Keisha Castle-Hughes, who originally starred in the Maori film Whalerider. You might have also recognized her as a young woman in the hospital where Beth was taken hostage in the Walking Dead.

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So many other characters to discuss but, I’ll just leave it for Sunday night….

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