Game of Thrones Season 2 Sneak Preview

gameofthrones76 Game of Thrones Season 2 Sneak Preview

Warning:  This article contains spoilers! So let me just start out by saying that the season finale of Game of Thrones which aired last Sunday (and has been replayed all week) was freaking awesome.  This show is like watching a movie every episode.  From the cinematography to the stage production, to the acting and the writing, not to mention the music, I just love every aspect of this show.  The season finale was bittersweet because it meant the season was over but it was also a great catalyst for next season and I am anxiously awaiting the next episode (although Spring 2012 is just too long to wait!)

While I was as shocked as anyone who hasn’t already read the books (see Franco’s Nerd Rage: Game of Thrones article) that Eddard met his untimely end, the show is trying to stay in line with the books.  (Definitely a good idea not to piss off the fan base by changing things too much).  The real story is with the Stark kids and, as we saw in the finale, my favorite Khalessi the dragon girl Daenerys of Targaryan.  It was sad what happened with Khal Drogo; he and Daenerys seemed to have such a nice relationship, by Dothraki standards, anyway. But I always knew something big was going to happen with those eggs!

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A good story always has a little backhanded humor thrown in and I love the fact that Tyrion Lannister managed to gain his father’s respect by getting injured in battle, only not in the way his father thinks.  Tyrion got knocked out by one of his crazy mountain friends’ mallets as they ran in and missed the whole thing!  Now he’s got a girlfriend who’s interesting in that she’s not your average whore – she’s a smartass, outspoken and quick-witted, much like Tyrion, and what’s more she actually seems to like him for real.  Now he’s on his way back to be the Hand of the King to keep his evil spawn nephew Joffrey in line.  Just a couple episodes ago Tyrion was being held prisoner by Stark’s nutty sister-in-law; how quickly things change!

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And how cool is it that little Arya with her sword “needle” is posing as a boy to stay alive and headed to the wall to join up with her half-bro, the illegitimate son of Eddard, Snow?  She is really starting to show how tough she is, being on her own at such a young age and roughing it as a homeless kid after growing up royalty.  I am looking forward to her reunion with Snow and seeing what’s going to happen with King Robert’s illegitimate son.

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Snow has had a tough time being up at the wall by himself and dealing with the news of his father’s demise, wanting to go back and fight alongside his bro.  It’s too bad he took an oath of chastity (or is it just to never get married?) because I think he and Daenerys would make a great couple:  fire and ice, just like the title of the book. (I haven’t read the books, just speculating here). Snow is another one of my faves.  Understated and kind-hearted, Snow is melting the ice off a lot of fans’ hearts.  I hope he doesn’t eat it at the hands of whatever is outside of that wall.

We might get a little reprieve from the wait in July when the Emmys are announced.  I fully expect this show to receive multiple nominations. Here is a look into episode 10 with some spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 2:

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pixel Game of Thrones Season 2 Sneak Preview

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