Gargoyles Goliath Statue

Remember Gargoyles?  I used to watch the show obsessively in high school.  It was part of the “Disney Afternoon” alongside Duck Tales, Tale Spin and Chip N Dale.  The story of Gargoyles doesn’t sound much like Disney, it’s pretty dark.  It’s about winged gargoyle creatures that comes alive at night.  The first week it aired, it showed how the Gargoyles were betrayed by humans.  Later down the road, they’re revived in present day New York as they form an uneasy alliance with Xanatos.  The show had a lot of tragedy and I think that’s why I liked it so much.  It made the heroes and even the bad guys feel real.

Gargoyles was never treated with respect when it came to merchandise.  They had the okay looking toys that weren’t proportional but nothing that screams to die hard collectors until now…I was really excited when I saw the pics below. It’s a Goliath statue from Eletric Tiki.  The statue stands  14″ high, 10″ deep, with a massive 15″ wingspan. It would have been better if it didn’t have the title of the show on it but it’ll do.

ET10goliath front Gargoyles Goliath Statue

goliath back Gargoyles Goliath Statue

The Goliath statue can be pre-ordered through Sideshow and retails for $200.  If there’s a statue I’d spend that much amount of money on, it’d be this one.  No release date has been announced yet. 

pixel Gargoyles Goliath Statue

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