GAZOOKS! Discovery Science Center!

WOWZERZ! GAZOOOKS! The Discovery Science Center in Downtown Orange, California, embodies all that; A two story center of fun finding facts, interactive learning booths, and tons of hands on science. Ticket prices are less then $15 and well worth it. Throughout the year the center has different exhibits on display and this time around it was about the Anaheim Ducks. Hockey fans got a chance to see a Zamboni and sit in one too. Among the specific exhibits throughout the year there are an array of ever-changing science driven subjects to be learned. From earthquakes, we are in Southern California, the oceans, magnets, winds, mirrors, lights and many more things, it is truly impressive! Overall if you want to get back into that home packed brown bag lunch school mode, and have a little money left over for the gift shop, this is the place to be! To find out more about times and exhibits, please visit:

IMG 0364 300x200 GAZOOKS! Discovery Science Center!IMG 0348 300x200 GAZOOKS! Discovery Science Center!

IMG 0399 300x200 GAZOOKS! Discovery Science Center!cube GAZOOKS! Discovery Science Center!

pixel GAZOOKS! Discovery Science Center!

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