Geek Ink: Steve Peterson

When I asked people to submit their tattoos for my article, I underestimated the response I would receive.  I now have a full inbox waiting to be posted up for the next 3 or 4 segments.  One submission that stood out above the rest was Steve Peterson’s.

I intentionally sought Steve out, after scouring the internet for Geek Tattoos, I came upon his Zelda Windwaker back piece.  A few emails here and there, I finally got in contact with with Steve.  What he sent in was more than I could ask for .  It was like finding the Holy Grail of Geek Tattoos, so much so I had to give him his own segment.

Name/Alias: Steve Peterson
City, State: Bradenton, Florida
Tattoo Artist: Tom
Tattoo Shop: King St Body Gallery (Cocoa , FL)
Favorite Movies: Lord of the Rings trilogy, Back to the Future trilogy, The Dark Knight, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Mullholland dr
Favorite Games: Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Zelda: Twilight Princess, Zelda: A Link to the Past, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Beatles Rock Band, Dead Rising

2utrtjm1 Geek Ink: Steve Peterson

Steve: Back to the Future 2 is the first movie I remember seeing in the theater by my own choice. It’s what got me into movies in the first place so it’s always held a special place in my heart, and also in all honesty, I’d never seen a Back to the Future tat before so I wanted to be the first.

NERDSociety: Amazing tat Steve, and I like how you incorporated Batman into the sleeve.  BATMAN BACK TO THE FUTURE RIDE!! lol

NERDSociety: By far one of the stupidest things Universal has ever done since removing The E.T ride was getting rid of The Back to the Future ride!   I love that ride!  There are only 4things I use to look foreword to, if I were for some strange reason, end up at Universal Studios Hollywood.  Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, E.T, and JAWS.

batman sleeve1 Geek Ink: Steve Peterson

Steve: For as long as I can remember I’ve liked Batman. Just something I’ve always loved and still love to this day.

NERDSociety: Duuuuuuuuuuuude!!!  Love the old style light blue and grey Batman, that’s old school.  The bats sky and Gotham look amazing.

crowsgandalf quote1 Geek Ink: Steve Peterson

saruman1 Geek Ink: Steve Petersontolkien1 Geek Ink: Steve Peterson

Steve: Lord of the Rings is just a brilliant story and everything about it is fantastic. I also have the elvish on my wrist that says “without the bitter the sweet aint as sweet”, a quote from Vanilla Sky.

NERDSociety: Awesome literary geek tattoo with the JR Tolkien symbol.

zelda Geek Ink: Steve PetersonSteve: Zelda was the first video game I fell in love with.  Mario was cool at the time (I’m talking old school Mario for NES, I AM 28 after all), but once we got Zelda I was hooked.  I like Zelda because it makes you think, it’s wasn’t your typical side scroller and it’s not your typical fighter/button masher game.  When we were little we sucked at video games and if my brother couldn’t beat a part he just gave up, but I didn’t and kept going, so not only is the tat a tribute to the best gaming series ever, but it’s also kind of a reminder to not give up. Done in one LONG 9 hour session, I guess tom under estimated his speed.

NERDSociety: Totally understand what your mean.  I should get a “I FINALLY BEAT MIKE TYSON” Tattoo lol.  I have spend countless hours playing Mike Tyson’s PUNCHOUT when I was a kid.  I recently saw something on G4 about how to beat him, it kinda takes away from the mirage of this unbeatable legend I grow up with as a kid.

NERDSociety: Thanks again Steve for sharing your Geek ink with us.  I hope you will keep us posted when you get your Zelda back piece colored.

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