Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #2

HEADER Gink Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #2I was thinking of waiting a week or so before I posted another Geek Ink article,  but they’re just way too much fun.  Plus they are so much more enjoyable than the mundane of writing movie and game review, and its nice to hear from our readers.  I love reading your guys emails and being able to converse with the peoples, so keep sending them it!

Also big thanks goes out to Geekyink & GamingTattoos, for all your help and support.

Dewi 1 Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #2Name/Alias: Dewi Neijs
City, State: Düsseldorf, Germany
Tattoo Artist: Scott Ellis
Tattoo Shop: Triple Crown Tattoo, Tx
Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings
Favorite Game: Neverwinter Nights

My tattoo is based on my RP avatar in the game Neverwinter, a role-play game which in several ways meant a lot to me. It was a way for me to escape reality, but also to make friends. I had created her to be my alter ego, everything that I was not which made role-playing a very fun thing. Then when I quit playing NWN and moved over to other games she always stayed as my main character. I adapted her in different games but her name stayed. I originally wanted a whole sleeve of my RPG characters, because they represent different parts of me but realized that the only character that really represented me after all these years was Shala. I asked a friend of mine to draw the tattoo and this is what came out. So now she really is a part of me.

NERDSociety: Awesome RPG tat, I hope will get more.  Never heard of Neverwinter Nights, but then again, I’m not much for RPGs.  My friends play Deadlands and War Machine if that rings a bell at all. Thanks for submitting Dewi, SEND ME GERMAN BEER!!

Jess 1 Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #2Jess 2 Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #2

Name/Alias: Jess
City, State: Shrewsbury, PA
Tattoo Artist: Evan Olin
Tattoo Shop: Tattooed Heart, Glen Burnie, MD
Favorite Movie: 28 Days Later, probably
Favorite Game: HL2, Oblivion

My tattoo is of Dog from the Half-Life series. I actually played HL2 before I played the first game, and Alyx, Dog and Eli where the first NPC characters I really felt something for — I’ve felt genuine sorrow, joy and sat in front of my TV sobbing during this series. Every game is fantastic and I’ve found it hard to tear myself away once I start playing; the story is absolutely fantastic, you play a freaking SCIENTIST and it’s amazing to see a strong female character… I can’t think of a person I know who doesn’t fall in love with this game. Dog touched me as such a great, solid character… the bond between Alyx and Eli reminds me so much of the bond between me and my dad and Dog puts it into (almost) physical form. I couldn’t let that go without wanting it tattooed.

NERDSociety: Dude awesome Half-life tat!  Diffidently one of my favorite games of all time, the in-game cut scenes just draw you into the game.  I’d like to suggest a movie to you, being a fan of Half-Life and all.  The Mist starring Thomas Jane, picture if there was a small town outside of Black Mesa Facility while Half-life went down.  The small town gets engulfed in a thick mist due to mysterious testing at the military research facility on the mountain.  In short “THERE’S SOMETHING IN THE MIST!!!!!!”

Jess: Yeah, I read the Steven king book years ago. Haven’t seen either movie (I think they did a remake), but the book freaked me out enough to never want to see a well done movie lol. When hl3 comes out, whether they do episode three or another chapter, I’m taking off school and work. I’m a die hard workaholic, so it’s a big deal for me lol.

And now……NERDSociety’s own………..Paladin!!

Paladin 1 Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #2Paladin 2 Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #2

Paladin 3 Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #2

Name/Alias:  Paladin
City, State:  Phila, PA
Tattoo Artist:  Eric
Tattoo Shop:  Everlasting Art
Favorite Movie:  Waterworld
Favorite Game:  Final Fantasy VIII (8)

Huge fan of Yu-gi-oh (the original based on Egypt) The Dark Magician Girl is my favorite character and I have many of the cards in both Japanese and of course English.  The Dark Paladin is just as well “ME”, hence my Alias.

Konjiki No Gashu, AKA Zatchbell has a deeper story than people watching it would think when viewing the U.S. version.  I fell in love with the characters and I just wanted to see the twins, somewhat like a good evil theme.  I get a lot of compliments on them at work from older women no less.  For me, all of them give me personal enjoyment.

NERDSociety: I wouldn’t be surprised if someone had a back piece of Exodia lol.

Paul 1 Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #2Paul 2 Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #2

Name/ Alias: Paul
City, State: New Milford, CT
Tattoo Artist: Leandro Fieschi
Tattoo Shop: Art Club Tattoo, New Milford, CT
Favorite Movie: Star Wars Genre
Favorite Game: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/007 Goldeneye

I got the tattoo from the Halo genre. UNSC stands for United Nations Space Command. I chose to get that as a tattoo because it was something different yet something I hope everyone would get. Most of the time people think I’m in or was in the actual USMC, but alas, my nerdyness is too much for them. But I was kind of going for that effect of the brother hood of the USMC has and I hope that other gamers can relate to that as well so we can all feel a part of something.  From the halo series I’ve seen a lot of legendary symbols or master chief himself, and I wanted something different…something deeper.

As for my Triforce tattoo, that has a little deeper meaning to me.  It’s a game that I remember my dad playing when I was just a baby, and then growing up and playing Ocarina of time and Majora’s Mask with him.  It just brings back those great memories of times we’ve had together that I don’t want to forget.

NERDSociety: Nice ink work you got there Paul.  I’ve been noticing a lot of Tri-force submissions and yours is uniquely different.  If I were to get a tattoo of something my reminded me of my father it would be a apricot branch…for all the ass woopings I would get LOL.

Alex 1 2 Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #2Name/Alias: Alex Wawro
City, State: San Francisco, CA
Tattoo Artist: Lorraine Colquhoun: Scottish tattoo artist, painter and general genius.
Tattoo Shop: Armageddon Tattoos in Armagh, Northern Ireland
Favorite Movie: Boondock Saints
Favorite Game: Deus Ex

John Steinbeck was a fucking badass. His books were banned in schools, his family was investigated by U.S. Army Intelligence and he died at 66 thanks to a life of whisky, cigarettes and bloody rare steak.  Eternally surprised at meeting fans of his work, Steinbeck would often doodle a small pig with wings and the Latin maxim “to the stars on the wings of a pig” in select covers during public book signings.  For him it symbolized an earthbound soul that yearned to soar; too heavy to fly but too stubborn to stay put.

I spent six weeks living in Northern Ireland drinking, studying and interviewing priests, prisoners and political criminals. When four friends and I made a pact to hit the tattoo parlor on our way out of town, I could think of no better souvenir than a lit nerd’s reminder to live life to the fullest. I adore video games and Kevin Smith movies, but my tattoo is proof that I (and geeks like me) can also drink, smoke and fuck with the best of them. Ad astra per alia porci, bitch.

NERDSociety: Fuck Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!….sorry I got all excited. XP

Not all tattoos have to be elaborate and expensive to convey deeper meaning.  Also long as it means something to you, what other people think doesn’t matter,  because its not for them, its for you and you alone.  Years from now the image may distort from aging, but the meaning will remain the same, and that’s what tattoos are all about.  A constant reminder something worth remembering,  a permanent post it note.

Thanks for everyone who submitted, I have enjoyed reading your emails and connecting with you all.

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Thanks for reading,

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